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Drake International Jobs



Members of the Drake International group of companies are global leaders in the field of human resources, performance improvement, consultative management, staffing and technology solutions.

Since 1951, Drake has helped organizations:


·         Solve wide-ranging, human resource problems

·         Staff their organizations efficiently and effectively

·         Enhance productivity and performance through people

·         Improve profitability


Drake operates with over 100 offices in 9 countries, servicing thousands of clients in a wide range of industries and functions.

In Canada we have locations to serve you from Vancouver to Halifax. So, whether your career aspirations are local, national or international, we can help. As specialists in human resources, we assist clients realize the return that results from strategically acquiring, developing and retaining top talent. That talent is you!

For information on how we can help you find your dream job, please visit your nearest Drake branch, call us at 1 800 GO DRAKE, or visit us online at 


We look forward to working with you and make it our goal to give you the opportunity to Outperform.

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      Raymond Reach Operators DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Calgary, Alberta 26-Jan-2015
      General Labourer DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Calgary, Alberta 23-Jan-2015
      Bookkeeper / Payroll Clerk DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Winnipeg, Manitoba 21-Jan-2015
      Full-Time Temporary Office Candidates DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Edmonton, Alberta 21-Jan-2015
      Driving Instructor DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Montreal, Quebec 20-Jan-2015
      Warehouse Dock Assistant DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Edmonton, Alberta 16-Jan-2015
      Accounting Clerk DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Vancouver, British Columbia 15-Jan-2015
      Truck Driver DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Vancouver, British Columbia 15-Jan-2015
      Personal Banking Advisor DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Toronto, Ontario 13-Jan-2015
      Executive Chef DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Toronto, Ontario 13-Jan-2015
      Outside Sales Representative DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Edmonton, Alberta 12-Jan-2015
      General Manager DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Montreal, Quebec 12-Jan-2015
      Jr. Software Developer DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Montreal, Quebec 08-Jan-2015
      Shop Mechanic - Brandon DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Winnipeg, Manitoba 08-Jan-2015
      Heavy Duty Mechanic-Brandon DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Winnipeg, Manitoba 08-Jan-2015
      11. Outbound Call Centre Specialists DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Winnipeg, Manitoba 22-Dec-2014
      Business Development Manager DRAKE INTERNATIONAL |  15-Dec-2014
      Business Development Manager-Vancouver DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Vancouver, British Columbia 15-Dec-2014
      Customer Service Representative DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Nanaimo, British Columbia 05-Dec-2014
      Data Entry Tech DRAKE INTERNATIONAL | Winnipeg, Manitoba 05-Dec-2014

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