Moving Work.

At Workopolis, we do more than match people looking for jobs with companies looking for people looking for jobs. We help build futures, fulfill dreams and move Canadian business forward by connecting them with the talent they need. We move the recruitment industry in innovative directions and are responsible for moving the world of work. If that sounds like the kind of work that moves you, we’d love to have you on the team.
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Data Scientist Marketing and Corporate Development
Recruitment Specialist Marketing and Corporate Development

We have tons of great jobs on Workopolis. Some of them are even right here at Workopolis.

For over a decade, we’ve reminded Canadians that Workopolis is the place to start the search for their next great career opportunity. Unfortunately, some people seem to forget that they might find their next great career opportunity at Workopolis, rather than on it. Well it’s true. It does in fact take a small, dedicated army of talented people to keep Workopolis running. Have a look above at all the amazing opportunities available at Workopolis... Where actual people work... Running a website... Where jobs are posted and people search for jobs... Available at other companies... Clear?
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Culture is everything.

We may be all about the business of work, but we also go out of our way to create a workplace people actually want to get up and come in to everyday. Crazy, huh?
See why we love working here:

Friends with benefits.

No, not that kind. We'd prefer our employees keep their personal lives in balance with their professional lives, that they achieve great things working in a lifestyle they enjoy. We find it makes for happier, better-adjusted people around the halls. So along with competitive salary and incentive packages, we also offer an array of perks you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else.  

Superior medical benefits with no waiting period

So you’re covered for health expenses the day you join the company.
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RSP contribution program

We’ll match your own contributions up to 5% of your earnings so you can get a head start saving for retirement.
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Monthly transportation allowance

Use it to reduce the cost of parking, public transportation or any other method you choose to get to and from work – walking included!

Focus on Work/Life Balance

Every employee here gets a minimum 3 weeks vacation plus 2 personal days, which you can use from the day you start with us. Plus, we also offer a Health & Wellness allowance for things like gym memberships, fitness gear and classes or even a Wii Fit.
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Real Time Recognition

Our innovative peer recognition system allows you or any of your colleagues to alert the entire company whenever anyone deserves a thank you or a job well done.

If you’re interested in working with us, we want to know – whether we have an open position that suits you or not. Submit Your Resume Today!