Video - The lies employers most often tell

[Video] The six lies that employers will most often tell you

Peter Harris | August 27, 2015 3:32 pm

In this video one unscrupulous employer lies to the candidate he is interviewing and then turns to the camera to explain the truth behind the fabrication.

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[Infographic] The secret formula for the perfect resume?

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20+ places to learn the hottest skills of 2015 online for free

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First impression crash course: 9 research-based tips for making the interviewer love you

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The real reason you’ve had 16 interviews and no job offers

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Your employer translator: Here’s what they really mean when they say what they say

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Want to ace your next job interview? Try this strategy: don’t answer the questions that you are asked. Instead, answer what they really want to know (but aren’t saying).

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The sneaky way to beat the competition in the job search

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When it comes to hiring, human resources types and hiring managers are looking for one thing: cultural fit.

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Survey: How employers look you up (and why your online presence really matters)

Peter Harris| August 20, 2015 1:18 pm

Workopolis employer survey reveals where Canadian employers screen candidates online, what they want to find out about you, and why your connectivity really matters to them.

Category: Job Search Strategies, Latest News & Advice