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What your finger length says about you

Elizabeth Bromstein| Feb 25, 2015 09:27 pm

They can tell a lot about someone by their digit ratio. In this case, the length of a woman’s index finger can predict the type of job she’ll have.

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What employers are really trying to find out about you in job interviews

Elizabeth Bromstein| Feb 20, 2015 09:56 pm

There is a standard set of questions hiring managers ask in job interviews. But here’s what they’re really trying to find out.

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Five reasons to look for your 2015 summer job now

Kevin Makra| Feb 18, 2015 03:25 pm

Looking out the window today it is hard to imagine if summer will ever come. However, the deadline to apply for many of the best summer jobs is fast approaching. Here’s why you should be lining up your summer gig today.

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Eight things not to bring to the job interview

Elizabeth Bromstein| Feb 11, 2015 08:48 pm

Job interview time! You got your light reading material for the commute, your snack, your coffee, your mom. All set, right? Wrong.

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How to get employers to give you a chance in an industry where you have no experience

Peter Harris| Jan 30, 2015 12:57 pm

Looking to make a career transition? Here’s how you can show value to an employer in a new field where you have little or no previous experience – without asking someone to just gamble on you.

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Develop this one skill that appears in 9 out of 10 postings for the most in-demand jobs

Elizabeth Bromstein| Jan 29, 2015 08:51 pm

“Active listening” is one of the most sought after skills by employers. How much have you developed this skill? Here are some ways to be a better listener.

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Job Networking in Unexpected Places

Case study: Job networking in unexpected places

Kevin Makra| Jan 23, 2015 11:32 am

How a chance encounter leads to a surprise shot at a dream job. Opportunity can strike when you least expect it – if you’re prepared to seize the moment. Here are five traits for becoming a better networker.

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The most overused words in Canadian resumes

Elizabeth Bromstein| Jan 21, 2015 08:42 pm

New report lists the most overused words in Canadian resumes. Are you “passionate”?

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The five basic job search dos and don’ts for getting hired faster

Peter Harris| Jan 16, 2015 10:38 am

If you’re just beginning your job search, and you’re looking for some pointers to get started, here are the very basics for successfully landing a job.

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The seven most successful job search strategies for 2015

Elizabeth Bromstein| Jan 15, 2015 07:42 pm

Surveyed career experts list the most successful job search tactics being employed today. Try these tips to successfully land the position you want.

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