Psychic predicts gloomy future for candidate's job search

Hidden camera – Psychic predicts gloomy future for candidate’s career


After a lengthy period of unemployment (the entire 29 years of his life), George decides to do some market research into what opportunities might be available for him. Unfortunately he does this by enlisting the services of a psychic. Our hidden camera captures her predictions, and they aren’t what Georges is hoping to hear. Want a better way to find out about the job market and the latest opportunities that are right for you? Sign up for Career Alert emails, and we’ll automatically send you the latest jobs that match your criteria.

See more of George’s job search gone wrong captured on hidden camera:

Candidate's awkward video resume Hidden camera - Job Interview gone wrong Psychic predicts gloomy future for candidates career Awkward candidate questions strangers in elevator Hidden camera - Surprise delivery backfires

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