Hiring in Canada cools down in June

Peter Harris|

Following May’s staggering increases of 95,000 jobs being added to the Canadian economy, the Statistics Canada Labour Force Survey for June tells a very different story. The overall employment rate and number of jobs remained unchanged last month.

There was however, a drop in 32,000 full-time jobs nationally which was offset by an almost identical increase in 32,000 more part-time jobs being added to the economy.

Still, the job market in this country is slowly but steadily improving. In the first half of 2013, employment has grown by an average of 14,000 more jobs per month. In the last half of 2012, we were adding an average of 27,000 jobs monthly. This means that the Canadian economy has added over 240,000 jobs since this time last year.

In June, employment increased in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, while it declined in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Employment was up in professional, scientific and technical services, and it was down declined in accommodation and food services as well as information, culture and recreation.

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  • Jab

    There is still a shortage of talent.

    • Leon

      Shortage of talent? When employers are asking for minimum 3 years experience for an entry level job while thousands of university graduates are struggling to find a job, I don’t think the problem is a shortage of talent.

    • David

      I disagree with you. I guess employers are searching for cheap labor. I have a friend with a Masters degree from Richard Ivey Business school and he has been searching for job for over a year. I hold an MBA from a good business school in Toronto with a 740 GMAT but still I cant even land a decent job.


  • Tigger59

    There is NO shortage of talent, Jab. Job postings say they want to pay minimum wage to do everything. Most positions are entry level and require no experience. I have 20+ years of experience and will NOT apply for EL positions (my resume will be trashed). No one wants experience. They would prefer that applicants have a Master’s Degree to answer the phones.

  • dracolnyte

    the senior at my office used to answer phone calls at his previous job while holding an MBA and MIS. I once lost an intern job to a candidate who held a masters degree. I think i know what the problem is: large corporations are outsourcing entry level jobs offshore to india, where wages are 1/3 of the cost here

  • Mustapha AC

    im a moroccan , having 8 years of experience in hospitality , holding a hotel managment degree, looking for new opportunity in canada,

    could someone give a hand of help, i tried many website, while im waiting for my CSQ to reach qubebec province!!!