The average Canadian salary

So, how much are we earning? The average Canadian salaries by industry and region

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[Updated February 2015] Wondering how much money we’re making at the start of 2015? Statistics Canada has just released their latest report on how the average salaries that Canadians are earning. And it turns out that we’re taking home a little more than we were a year earlier.

At the end of last year, as of December 2014, the average wage for Canadian employees was $943 a week – or just over $49,000 a year. This marks a 2% increase over the same period a year earlier.

Average Canadian salary by province

  • Newfoundland and Labrador – $52,572
  • New Brunswick – $44,044
  • Nova Scotia – $42,992
  • Prince Edward Island – $41,184
  • Quebec – $44,621
  • Ontario – $49,088
  • Manitoba – $45,760
  • Saskatchewan -$51,792
  • Alberta – $60,476
  • British Columbia – $46,900

Average Canadian wage changes by industry sector

Over the past year, the largest gains in salary were seen in the professional, scientific and technical services field where earnings increased 5.0% to $70,310. These gains were spread across most industries in this sector. The largest increase was in architectural, engineering and related services, followed by accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services.

Those in the accommodation and food services trade also saw their incomes go up over last year by 4.2% to $19,656.

  • Mining, quarrying, and oil and gas extraction – $109,844
  • Utilities – $96,279
  • Construction – $64,240
  • Manufacturing – $54,256
  • Retail – $28,136
  • Transportation and warehousing – $55,305
  • Information and cultural industries – $61,373
  • Finance and insurance – $60,011
  • Real estate and rental and leasing – $50,226
  • Professional, scientific and technical services – $70,310
  • Educational services – $51,305
  • Health care and social assistance – $44,863
  • Arts, entertainment and recreation – $30,186
  • Accommodation and food services – $19,656

So who’s making well above the average wage?

Well, Specialist Physicians top the list of well compensated professionals at a whopping $350,000 a year. Judges are also high earners, bringing in an average of $260,000 annually.

Other high-earning positions:

    Senior managers of financial, communications, and other businesses – $225,500/year [View jobs]
    Senior managers of goods production, utilities, transportation, and construction – $205,000/year [View jobs]
    General practitioners and family physicians – $180,000/year [View jobs]
    Dentists – $175,000/year [View jobs]
    Lawyers – $165,000/year [View jobs]
    Actuaries earn $155,000 [View jobs]
    Engineering managers – $137,000 [View jobs]
    Top paid Airline Pilots make $138,000 [View jobs]

Looking the qualifications needed to land one of the highest paying gigs, the lesson seems to be: if you want to earn the big bucks, stay in school.

The salaries for the 10 job titles with the most online job postings in Canada

    Retail sales people – $24,128 [View jobs]
    Customer and information services representatives $33,700 [View jobs]
    Retail managers $50,000 [View jobs]
    Sales and account representatives $50,000 [View jobs]
    Cooks $25,000 [View jobs]
    Transport truck drivers $41,600 [View jobs]
    Registered and registered psychiatric nurses $72,800 [View jobs]
    Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related occupations $21,840 [View jobs]
    Administrative officers $45,000 [View jobs]
    Computer programmers and interactive media developers $70,000 [View jobs]

And how about our national leaders? The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper makes $327,400 a year. Members of Parliament make $163,700 a year and the Governor General earns $270,602 annually. Senators make $135,200 – plus y’know… expenses.

Sources: Statistics Canada, Parliament of Canada


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  • Braden

    “if you wanna earn big bucks, stay in school” biggest joke iv heard all day

    • Braden doesn’t know

      are you retarded? name one job you can get making above 100k without staying in school ?

      • hmmmmmm

        you dont need a job to earn.

      • cf

        Out of town construction. Source: My boyfriend

        • Cynthia

          I work with people injured and out of work–I can’t name one construction worker in their mid 40′s or beyond. It’s a job with a very limited number of years to work–almost like sports.

          • cf

            I find that very interesting that you can’t think of anyone beyond 40 in construction, I’m from an area with tons of development and of course the smaller business owners are above 40, still doing their own manual labor (including my father, and my boyfriends father). In fact most of the men in my life are in construction and are 30-50.

          • Dee Ferreira

            I know many construction workers well into their late 50′s. I also mean heavy construction not light duty. If they are Unionized, even better. They have some of the best benefits and can afford to retire before 65.

          • sultan

            i hope i need a job canada

        • willy

          Okay, let everybody go for out of town construction, and stop the government from giving money to education.

        • AssHat900

          How longs he out of town?

      • sdf

        Oil/Gas Industry jobs, Heavy construction Industry Jobs, Mining Jobs, there are many jobs that don’t require University or Technical college, that will get you over a $100.000/ year, you’ll live in the middle of nowhere and work insane hours, but it can be done.

        • richard ramfire

          I agree you can make good money in construction, mining, oil and gas related jobs but many of these jobs can be labour intensive and not suitable for everybody, they also require a lot more skill than most people think.

          • RR

            And you cannot expect a productive life for more than 10-15 years in this sector

          • Bryan Thorburn

            True but 10-15 years in this sector is equal to 25-30 years in other sectors. More money in shorter periods isnt for increased spending but for reduced working years over a lifetime. Although most people just spend more as they earn more. Going to school means losing several years of prime working time and being burdened with student debt.

          • willy

            North American High school is a waste of time*****, and a joke.
            TBH, what did you do in high school can you remember what have you learnt? I am a FOB but to my eyes, most students here in North America are jokes, no discipline, no self-control, not studying and dont give a fuck about their life or future. The high school here is already can’t be any easier, and still don’t wanna study. Blame school to be a waste of time? Please ask yourself did you actually “go to school” or you just be in school?

          • hockeyguy99

            spoken like the completely uneducated person that you are — what a waste of a life lol

          • James Johnson

            Hey Canada! Watch out for these far right loonies who despise the educated tree huggers. These guys are trying to justify the destruction of public school in the USA and think it wise that we go to Christian private school to learn intelligent design. They despise science and learning in general. They will look at any justification for their chosen elected officials who are dead set against Obama giving 2 year college tuition free (although you need to keep a certain grade point average to keep attending for free). They seek to justify stupidity and think educated people are snobs. What a hoot, I think I’ll be moving to the great white north if this country doesn’t get their heads out of Bush’s/Cheney’s asses. I mean what kind of society down plays the importance of education? Welcome to the retarded states of murika! What do these far right ass clowns want? We Americans to work for the Japanese or Chinese business owners? They far outdo our students in sciences and mathematics. OOOPs! I mean The three R’s, Reading, riting, and rythmatic. DUh!

          • bingbingwa

            Yeah, and watch out for these leftists that want YOU to pay for everyone else; but preferable if that someone else is female or a minority. It’s bad enough that schools are leftist indoctrination camps. Take a look at the US debt level. In a few years, or sooner if interest rates go up, you will be bankrupt, and there go all your pet social programs.

          • Rod_in_Forfar

            Foreign wars to bolster the support of presidents haven’t been paid for since Bush Sr. tried to introduce an income surtax to pay for the first Iraq invasion. From then on Iraq and Afghanistan adventures have been funded from a ballooning deficit. That’s a very cost-ineffective way to teach America’s boys about geography. By comparison the cost of social programs like universal health care are small change.

          • Kendall Descoteaux

            Im in high school and i can tell you right now i am learning things my mom learned in university, studies show that not just high school but schools in general give almost twice as much work as they did 30 years ago, adults wonder why all these teens are commiting suicide and turning to the drug industry, its an easy answer, because teachers and principles are putting tons of un-needed stress on every kid. 4 years of high school shouldn’t define who your going to be and what you get grades wise shouldn’t define how smart you are, 14 to 18 are some of the best years of your life, and there are so many kids who are missing out on amazing opportunity’s and events because of the stress that comes with school and homework.

          • Linda

            Are you for real Kendall? I’m a university librarian and I can tell you many kids coming out of high schools are illiterate today. They can’t even spell properly or write a decent essay. I went to McGill years ago and believe me it was tough! I returned to University a few years ago and can’t believe how much easier students have it now. Much higher grades are given than when I was in university before. Much less is expected of “average” students today than years ago. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Spencer

            Yeaaaa having the internet is gamechanging tool when in comes to studies. Having a succesful high school grades is important because it is a joke. Doesn’t take much to get a diploma with minimal commitment
            From a Chemical ENG and Biochem turn Financial Mathematics and economics

          • hernan cortez

            Yeah and how long you think you are going to work 90 hours a week at a law firm before your wife divorces you, you want to have kids (if you are a female), or you die of a heart attack?

          • Dan

            That’s true. People who think those jobs are easy are the ones who lose body parts in an accident. Sure, you can make 100k a year on the rigs, but that is a rough life.

        • Psvt

          Oil/has industry jobs absolutely require some education, usually skilled trades or technical college. They don’t hire any yokel.

          • Doug Patterson

            That depends… They don’t like to hire “any yokel” but I’ve heard of it done. If you don’t care about what you do for a living as long as it makes you money post-secondary is a waste of time and money. I say that as a college student. If you want to expand your mind, be more respectable, and make good money (does depend on the field) doing something you are passionate about post secondary is virtually a necessity. My parents have low income but they did save what they could for us,”encourage” us to work and save and use government grants so I do have money to pay at least part of my education. It is basically not an option, even if for a trade or something that doesn’t require much schooling to not attend post secondary (assuming respect for parents).

          • Tom D

            Well put Doug, couldn’t have said it better myself. Another point I’ll add is that college/university is a life experience which is imo more than worth the 4 years you spend completing it.

          • caleb

            Google “drilling company’s alberta”..” there will be a bunch of company’s click contact. Send a resume via fax you’ll get a call in a week. All you need is a couple safety courses and the rest will be provided by the company. Your now working 3weeks on and 5-7 days off making 100k a year. No training nothing

          • Rod_in_Forfar

            100 guys were laid off last week somewhere north of Fort William and were stranded in the wilderness with no way out. The company went bankrupt.

          • hmath

            Let’s put it this way, I’ve come to Calgary to pursue jobs in person, am completing my PhD and can’t beg or barter my way into a job due to being “over qualified”, and I’ve been here almost a year and actively putting 100% effort in job searches for 6 months. My friend who did half of a 2 year course at a local tech college before dropping out, this after scrapping through high school, is now getting paid somewhere around $150+k/yr to be a grunt laborer and could be worth more if he applied himself. I have another friend that decided after 3 years of vacation style living after high school to go get a 2 year BA at UofC (again, not top notch student, so minimal requirement) and he’s now a highly payed consulting analyst. Heck, of the dozen or more friends from high school that live here that I still know, the more education they got, the less they are making, and this is 10 years after high school. Some graduate studies CAN be benificial IF you pick 1-2 year MBA or JD programs and are an upper end student, or stay in school into your 30′s (MD), but honestly with economic decline most of the country, it’s really not worth it. I’m coming out of a PhD having worked through most of my teens (in high school) and 20′s to set myself up, not for now, but in the future as to not hit any blocks trying to climb the corporate ladder. And yes, struggling to understand the simple concepts of our high schools and taking a >1 year course to be an “expert” in a trade does make you any yokel (just any yokel that wants to make a killing digging holes, taking breaks or driving big trucks). Apparent to me now, when I do finally crack that egg, I either work my way to the top, or (more likely) ride a similar track to ppl who put less effort for less time in easier degrees and work more years to come out even (after paying off the extra years of graduate school). Cost of universities have sky rocketed, available jobs have diminished, cost of living (housing, food, fuel, utilites, etc) are way out of whack with wages related to 30+ years ago and the few strong Canadian markets (for some reason) really don’t want intelligent employees, just cheep seats to fill offices and happy grunt workers. University really doesn’t make economic sense. If you go, do it for yourself, the knowledge you can obtain and the security late in your career it will give you, but don’t believe the lie that you will be a desirable candidate or will automatically make more money. If it’s money you want by the easiest means possible, my advice, scrape through high school, enjoy your youth, then take a 6 month course to operate heavy machinery and make a killing ($100-300k) in Ft. Mac for 10+ years and retire young.

          • Linda

            Maybe it’s your personality. If you come across as a jerk in interviews or a know-it-all you won’t get hired.

          • yogaFlo

            Doubt that. Ignorant comment!

        • AlyssaMoh

          Worked in the sector for a bit, and the foremen of the labour make the big bucks. So unless you’re in the top 10% of managing in that company, you’re making a good wage, but not anything exceptionally good.

          Also, if you do break the 100K barrier, its because you’re working in Alberta, Fort Mac, Fort St John in northern BC and you’re totally isolated and your costs of living are extremely high, lack of housing options, and other pitfalls. You’re probably working overtime and if you deduct from the pay the costs of living, transportation it might not be significant enough a difference to make it worth being totally isolated and in a job that is high risk. Also, the mining sector is incredibly unstable and prone to dips (see 2008 crash where every mine except first-class mines shut down for a period)

          You can make a bunch of money as a long haul trucker, but do you want to be working 10 hours a day for 3 days every other day and always seated? There are truckers who make over 100K but they are always on the road, showering in truck stops, eating out, and away from social contacts (might be a plus)

          Good work depends on how you define it, but you have to look above the bottom line, and there are commonalities that need to be there: Stability, reasonable health conditions, and opportunity for growth and mobility.

        • cman

          if ur working a job like that you’ll get hurt or killed because of lack of knowledge. not a good idea without proper training. which is really easy.. if u dont have the money get talk to welfare or go to MacDonalds save the money and get a trade. u dont have to break ur back. u can drive a dump truck and fix one. If u wanna make more money it gets dangerous but with that you get more training and learn to deal with those situations.

        • Donger mcdong

          However, in these areas where the natural resources industry is booming and providing big bucks, the price of housing/property and other expenses are skyrocketing, so much of the big money a laborer makes goes right down the drain. Also, student debts are not a big problem in canada, as it costs maybe a quarter of what it takes to go to school in the states

          • Ronda Zwierz

            It’s still a debt though, and all debt is a big problem when you are just starting out and making low wages.

        • Tim

          hehehe not anymore with the way oil is going ;)

        • Mc.Penis

          U usd the rong disimle pnt b-holoe. :(

        • Mathieu Yelle

          Actually, the reason why the average salary in mining, construction, and oil industries is so high is because either 1) You are an engineer, or 2) Your putting your life at risk on a daily basis. If your not making either one of those, your likely not earning that much in those industries. Stay in school.

      • Charlie

        You’re the retard if you think staying in school is the only way someone can make over 100k. Keep on buying into society’s bullshit bud. See where your life ends up.

        • Dave

          Yea, make over 100k a year working 80 hours a week. You keep buying into your own bullshit bud.

          • Dave Olsen

            i can make over 100k a year easy 40 hours per week in construction living at my home with family no isolation or any of that its not that hard and i make more than most people that go to school incluided some lawyers without 0 years of schooling

          • Dave Goodwin

            And your lack of education shows in what you just wrote. So it’s a trade off; does one value money over all else or does one value knowledge, experience, clarity, opportunity, etc.?

          • caleb

            Dave your an idiot. I hope you enjoy life knowing proper grammar and how to properly fill out a resume, cause you’ll need it when you apply for your 40k a year job.

          • Inmento Riku


            So you correct him on his grammar and spelling and yet you can’t even use the proper you’re. Wow…now here I was thinking that you’re making a point but really I now see that your point is nothing more than your emotions showing you that you’re the idiot here and that your heart has failed you.

          • pipesinto

            Well said Inmento.

          • Inmento Riku


          • Dave Olsen

            Can you even build a shed

          • pipesinto

            That is funny Dave Olsen!

        • Brian_Timlick

          Please quit using the term “retard”. It is totally disrespectful of those mentally challenged.

          • bingbingwa

            Stop being a politically correct LEFTIST….. Retard.

        • willy

          Yes sure, gambling and robbery can make you rich too. Or you can do some business open some retails. Oh wait? you dont have the money for that? OK, we have some more options, you can invest!! sorry, you dont have the money again. Let me about grab some partners and make a startup company?? ya right, you think you know how to build a career.

        • jake

          Slanding post-secondary education using words like “bud” and “retard” to support your argument really proves how simple minded you really are. I’m sorry you didn’t have it in you to pursure post secondary education.

      • Chocolatini

        Sales in pharmaceuticals, and lots of other industries. Real Estate agents. Party promoters.
        Before the recession and the home downturn, condo flippers were bringing in the $$ coin doing nothing but barking at Jose to slap on the paint faster.
        Business owners starting up all kinds of businesses.
        Oil and gas industry jobs.
        The list would go on and on.

        • willy

          lmao, you think Real Estate agents are highschool drop out or what? Yes maybe there are some, but most of them are educated at least went to college. You think it requires no skill/professions and can make you good money, why dont we just all go to those jobs and forget about education? I admit there are people can be a great artist/scientist or anything without formal education, but they are talented, not for everyone.

      • RD

        There are no careers than earn over 100k that do not require a solid education. There are jobs, but you need to go way the hell up north and you’re being paid a high wage because of that. Not everybody wants to date a moose, so yes, you’re correct.

        • John Salazar

          Agreed. They also forget the the only reason they get paid 100K + up north is because 1.) no one wants to be up there 2.) no one wants to do those jobs, and 3.) cost of living there is also ridiculous… Make gross of 10K/mo, taxed 3500+, rent for shared room of $2000+……. oh and working 80 hour weeks…. so basically you net $10-14/hr in your pocket after your expenses…… be a bus driver in Calgary and you will net the same amount… plus you can retire 20 yrs later with full pension.

          • Greg DeAgostini

            Not even close, John.
            I earn well over 100k a year .. Over 40, Dropped out of high school in grade 10 (not proud, but whatever). I live in Edmonton, I’m home every night in my own bed, there is no hard labor involved .. And I get to work with and meet great people .. Maybe you should consider being a Hotshot, John?
            And as for your Calgary bus driver analogy? Your numbers are whack, sorry. Yes, you see moose up there .. Yes, you “might” work in isolated locations .. And yes, you “might” pay $2000 a month, for a room .. If the oil company didn’t fly you in, put you up at camp, with satellite, internet, work out facilities, and good food.
            Even the ones that do pay, to live in town .. They play hard. Sometimes two and three times a week, maybe more. That gets expensive. It’s just living the life. Anyways, they do all that, pay all that .. And still come home after two or three weeks, with that 10k, Not your menial wages. We wouldn’t be doing it, otherwise. Don’t think so? Where do you think all those beautiful houses, toy haulers, sleds, trucks, bikes, boats, hot rods, and artillery come from?
            That $11 an hour we”re making? The perfect credit rating we all have? Not.
            Some of us really do earn good money .. ..
            Then again .. .. Maybe, it’s just me.

          • HADDBUSTER

            Where would all these high paid edumacated people work if Joe Construction didn’t put a roof over their heads?

          • willy

            THB that doesnt sound so nice to me. Cus you are 40+ already.
            I am making 65k (yes much less than you) and other benefit. But I am only graduated from school few month ago and I live in a city. I will cry if I know some high school drop out at my age earn 65k a year. Anyway, I do know one person drop out of high school when he was 18, now he is 23 and make 70k a year, but this guy works harder (not physical labor kind of hard) than everyone I know on this earth, he did not go to college just because he can not afford it and his parents divorced and no one would give him financial care and he got kicked out of home when he turn 19.

          • Inmento Riku

            Go back to school. I had to actually facepalm multiple times trying to re-read this with your improper grammar and spelling

          • Doug Patterson

            Your situation is possible but not that likely. I had classmates who made over $20 and hour already for a summer jobs in high school that well over 90% of the population over 16 could do.

          • Mark

            My 17 year old niece also makes $20.00/hour tutoring. It’s far from full time but with no traditional student jobs available anymore she had to make her own. My 9 year old earns $8/hr, also tutoring for 4 hours a week. She is also an avid gardener. We have several friends in real estate, and she has lined up some summer jobs for her and her 17 year old cousin, also at $20.00/hr landscaping. Jobs that don’t require a high school education, but do require more skills than another kid that age may have, AND the initiative to make our own gardens the envy of the neighbourhood, AND the courage to suggest to our adult friends that the girls could help people that are moving into new homes. I like the initiative that they’ve both taken, but I’m glad to know the 17 year old already has her eyes set on a University, and the 9 year old turned something that she loves to do into a pretty good job for a kid her age. The crappy part of having a young child working is that we don’t claim her as a dependent and get a tax credit. She files her own income tax return.

          • backnight

            Get your stats right, you don’t make sense at all.

          • Inmento Riku

            Actually…..if you’re like my cousin who lives in Edmonton works in Fort Mcmurray and drives his hourly commute everyday to work and back. I think cost of living would go down.

          • clayton

            after reading all these posts im glad i got into welding and can go north where every one doesn’t care what the fuck you dumb fucks think we go to work in crap areas and crap jobs because we love what we do thats why we go north and work long hours. we love what we do we may make lots of money and half to spend a lot of it on expenses but we don’t care because we love our jobs we are skilled workers in a very challenging field and people who say welding is easy can come to st thomas ontario and prove it so before you start bad mouthing these jobs that “nobody” wants try the job and there are lots of people who don’t want a trades job but there is just as many that do we love our work and thats all there is to it

        • backnight

          I know quite a few people in my profession, that only have High School and are making over 100K. So School maybe good but I find it to be waste of time

          • willy

            that only means you wasted your time at school. My education helped me to build my career and I am using what I have learnt from school to make a living.

          • Doug Patterson

            Waste of time for those who care not for what they are doing as long as they are making money. To help one enjoy life they should be doing something they don’t “hate” for 1/2 their waking life, which often needs some level of post secondary schooling. For those who enjoy, or at least put up with things that are not enjoyable for the promise of a paycheck, that’s cool. I am a college student but I would say that throughout high school post secondary education was over emphasized. Some aren’t meant to do any more formal studying, there’s a place for them in this great big world too.

        • Dave Olsen

          I havent gone up north and i grossed 209k last year with just a high school education that wasent required really open your mind anything is possible there are tons of people with high school education that make well over 100k per year

          • Steph

            Dave what’s your trade?

          • Dave Olsen

            Drywall services why do you ask?

        • Dave Olsen

          You are delusional I made 159k after taxes on high school. Education last year on pace for more this year and there are many many others doing even more in construction in calgary trust me

        • Manny

          Wrong, I am living proof and whole heartedly disagree. A Red Seal Tradesman like myself earns a solid 100k gross 40 hrs/week. Don’t even need overtime to make it. I live in B.C. and work in competitive a non-union company. All my colleagues are on the same boat. We went to trade school and fulfilled our 5 year aprrenticeship. I would not call that a “solid education”. It has atouch of acedemics , yes, but not at university degree levels. YOU DO NOT NEED A HIGH EDUCATION DEGREE TO MAKE 6 FIGURES IN CANADA!!! Total BS… :)

        • al

          absolutely right. However, this also depends on what some people might think a solid education entails. For some, the very definition of education stems from university degrees etc.

          I personally think that a solid education is whatever type of learning you’ll need to build a solid foundation on whatever it is you’re trying to work towards. After successfully completing the foundations, you blossom from there on.

          To be honest, I make a little over 100k a year as an auto tech. (i work for myself) I wouldn’t be able to achieve project contracts or gain clientele if I were deemed uneducated in my field of work. So granted, education in this perspective is undeniably quintessential for higher earnings.

        • Merlin

          I am 42 and live in the Windsor area (one of the highest unemployment regions of Canada) and I do make over a $100k a year working 9-5 mon-fri. I had 8 years of good education in a private school in Manitoba but did not even attend high school. I will admit that I feel like a very privileged individual when I see other people with a lot more education then me struggling. I started out working for a small manufacting company (30 employees) from age 18-24 in manufacturing, hands on work making $15-$18 in the early 90′s. In 96 at age 24 I got promoted into sales. They paid me $10 per hour plus a sales commission. That first year in sales (1996) I earned $96000. I stayed with this company until 2005. That year the company sold and I switched to selling construction and ag equipment. I had grower up on a farm in MB and always wanted to try this type of sales. My pay dropped into the 50-60 range but I was ready for a change. After 2 years of that in 2007 I was offered a job as a territory sales manager for a company with minimal travel 2-3 weeks a year and $60k salary plus commision. I took that position and am still here at it today and making over a $100k per year. I have turned down 3 offers in the past 8 years including two of them were big name brand construction equipment companies all offer me sales positions that they gaurentied me over $100k. My company treats me very well so why switch. I do in turn give them my best. I suppose that may be the reason offer companies keep coming to me with the offers the do. Some of them have been my bosses compition. I closing let me add that I did not land not one of these positions because of family or friends connections. I contribute my total success to my first employer, I gave him my I best I could and he pulled me up from there.

      • mike

        car sales mobile home sales

      • dave

        maybe you are retarded!! Ever heard of people who are self employed who make millions, duh!! Start your own business, also people working in oil fields can make well in excess of 6 figures. just to name a few.

        • willy

          lmao, self-employed and make millions. Have you tried? hows that going? You think people can just be successful without being professional? Maybe going for education is not the only way to get professionalized but it is a good way. What a opportunist, indeed this world needs more of your kind.

        • Doug Patterson

          Entrepreneurship takes harder work than most jobs. Unless a revolutionary invention/idea just pops into your head and you know all the right people to make it into a successful business, having ones own business is more work, in the majority of situations, than simply working for someone else.

      • Andrew Hardy

        Going to school guarantees nothing.

        • Doug Patterson

          Three guarantees in life: death, taxes and uncertainty. Going to school increases your chances of finding relatively stable employment.

          • Jake Dunbar

            “Stable employment” is a bit of a myth in itself. Just because you are working for a company doesn’t mean its stable. School is never a bad thing. Any education is never a bad thing, but the idea of that you can’t make a stable high earning income without going to traditional university or college, it a complete cultural hoax. “Education” is what is important to succeed in life not “School”. There is a difference.

      • artsycreation
      • backnight

        School is waste of time as I had been through it twice for two different things. Most employers don’t care about your degree, diploma and even less about how bright and sharp you were at school. I am not making 100K but I am very close to making it, and my advice to any one thinking of getting a better salary career is to explore current professions in demand such as various feild in Technology

      • Mark

        Sales, especially real estate. I do agree though, overall the longer you stay in school, the higher income you can expect (and rightly should). The exception seems to be the GAS and Arts degrees. But people that possess amazing soft skills that you just can’t learn in schools make a killing in sales.

      • Roger Wilco

        I quit college and make over a hundred grand, fool. “Staying in school” simply means you will most likely have a shitload of student loans to pay off, and then when you become a “physician” (or whatever you believe “high earners” are), you will probably buy a useless $2 million dollar house to show off, because you never learned the value of money. Now use your effing head. Next?

      • Tom

        web developer!

      • Toby Verchere

        An athlete can pay above 100k

      • Simon

        professional athletes can make up to 30 million dollars a year and most of them drop out of school to focus on sports

      • sam

        Police man and the over time day after day!

      • bingbingwa

        LOL. OWNED by ‘sdf’

      • friendlyprogrammer

        JUST POINT TO ANY UNION JOB. As long as unions blackmail the public for raises we will see Janitors that earn over 100k/yr.

        I also earned over 100k running a printing press when I was younger, but technology has made that job mostly extinct.

        That’s two.

        Truckers are unionized a lot so I’d them unless you think 2 moinths at a truck school constitutes higher education.

        What else.. Massage Therapists?

        Most any union job should give better wages than deserved though.

      • so ho

        True, university is a joke. Cut-and-paste assignments , even Master’s theses are garbled versions of Wikipedia.

      • Fabi Lara

        Starting your own business. I did. And I dropped out of high school.

      • Rage Twit

        Loco engineers make $120K without taking an extra shift. That’s one, but I don’t want to count too high for you.

      • Shuga

        Sales jobs. My hubby earns over $200K a year, after just 1 year on the job. Many of his colleagues who do not have degrees make similar amounts… so yes, there are options. I also know several others who make over 100K and have not finished school, again in sales.

  • dev4


    • Potatoe

      that original salary minus 2 potatoes

  • Oil patch worker

    I work up in Alberta in the oil patch. I’m 21 and make 130k a year. My job is also so easy going, I can’t believe the numbers I see on my pay stubs. Also the hours I work a week aren’t outrageous. You just spend a lot of time away from home. But the time I do get off is more then enough. I’m also only a third level. My superintendent who is 30 years old makes 88 a hour and sits in a chair all day and does what he wants. Don’t make assumptions about the oil patch till you have worked there.

    • David Ellul

      Where do I sign up?

      • AssHat900

    • TaeOtut

      yeah, what’s the company?

    • mburgess

      Yeah I would like to know where you work to make 130k a year at an “easy going” job? I do instrumentation in the oil and gas industry and my job is probably the easiest trade labor wise in the industry but you have to go to trade school and it takes 4 years to get your ticket. Guys with a ticket who work on average 50 hours a week make about 150k+ a year and are home almost every night with their family.

      • John Salazar

        These guys must be the reason some smo-joe businesses up north fails. I work for an EPC and the quality of workmanship we see sometimes can be outrageous.

    • Gss

      How does someone get a job up North.

    • Syed Alam

      hey bud…i am seriously considering moving into the oil sands 40 living pay cheque to pay cheque…where do i start in order to get my foot in the door? can u guide me? every bit of help is appreciated rt now as i hve been out of work for 5 mths and just abt ready to try a new career…

    • willy

      And you dont need a degree for that? Please sign me in, I have a degree of Computer Science and 130k? I will give you 40k a year and just leave myself 90k.

  • Phil

    Im up in albta. Oil patch driving truck making 150k a year before tax and i do nothing all day everyday, But play with my cell phone. I drive 10km a day. Just to park my rig. I dont work for the big oil companys either. So glad i didnt waste my time in school . Especially after seeing those numbers in that add. I also only work 20 days of each month and have 3 weeks off per yr. on top of that. Thing is i didnt even try to get this job and up here in ft. Mac your boss kisses your ass so you dont quit. And if you want you can tell your boss off whenever you want . Its great. Most bosses know better than to fuck with employees anyway.

  • Reality Check

    Accommodations and food services? That’s wrong. I work at Walmart making 11.55/hr and that only comes out to 22,522.24. I don’t see fast food people making 13.79/hour.

    • John Salazar

      An old friend works for Target as a generic sales rep making 16/hr here in YYC.

      With Alberta Heath Services, food service folks makes 18/hr +

  • Judi Erickson

    I guess the Yukon and North West Territories And Nunavat aren’t part of Canada or rate anymore?

    • Joey Reserved

      They are but they have special tax endorsement codes. Otherwise, pay is slightly higher. But what a life to live there. Ew.

  • JayH

    Got into software sales with minimal education and pulling in 100k+ while working 8 hr (or less) days. Expense account for travel all over North America. Best part is I dont have to deal with Ft Mac and the insane cost of living!

  • Micheal

    Anyone able to tell me what are the chances of a Psychologist from UK/Ireland with a working holiday visa of getting a job in the healthcare sector in the Toronto area? Psychology/counsellor/therapist/addiction/mental health all areas of interest.

    Off to watch the bowl, do take your time to have a think and of course any feedback is greatly appreciated!

  • Michelle Andrews

    I am a woman working up north and I make $140,000 a year
    (and I am on the very low end of the pay scale up here here). You are correct we work many hours when we are here and are subject to working up north yes but it’s pretty nice having everything paid for or if you stay at a camp your bed made/room cleaned and food cooked for you every day. No not always is the food amazing but unless you are a gourmet cook I doubt you eat like a champ every night either. I am away from my friends and family for two weeks which sucks but who isn’t every day either?! With the amount of time you all spend commuting and working it actual amounts to what I work plus I get a full week off every 3rd week to do whatever it is I want to do.

    Also you don’t think a lawyer or doctor or top manager/CEO work 80 hour weeks?!
    Pretty sure no one making over $100,000 is working 40 hour work weeks. Now that
    should be something we are talking about. How can we work 40 hr weeks and make

    OH AND PS…. I have a Business degree but decided to work up north with all the moose because I am smart (maybe this is the benefit of my very expensive degree???) and didn’t want to be paying off student loans making the average salary of most people with degrees and living off my parents or in large amounts of consumer debt…think people…moose might not be so bad afterall…

    • Syed Alam

      hello. i saw ur comments and wud luv to b in a similar job up north…im thinking of relocating from toronto. r u in ontario or alberta or saskatchewan? . my email is….i m sorry i dnt mean to pry but after being out of work for 5 mths, my wife and kids deserve a better life coz we r still r in a rut with no savings and living pay cheque to pay cheque..can u advise me what i cud get into… if u dont mind. thks

      • YTOweb

        As a first step towards a better future and to be taken seriously, start writing proper English and drop the style of a teenager. You are posting on the largest career site in the country and not on your social media chat room.

      • Mr.QQQ

        YTO is absolutely right. I can vouch by saying that a lot of people I have seen turned away from the industry is because they lack basic communication skills. For anyone looking to get into the oil industry-Nisku, AB is a hub for a large number of oil companies and a lot of them have offices there also look up Red Deer. AB and Grand Prairie, AB. Google which companies are there and get applying. My source? I worked with a recruiter for a large number of major oil companies in Alberta.

    • Kuljit Sandher

      Please email me I am in IT and working for gov however looking for better paying job

    • Eddie the Rabbit

      Hi Michelle, thank you for such an interesting comment. Where exactly in the North you would suggest for a Young person to earn such a salary? Your piece of advice will be more than appreciated. Thank you.

    • Peter

      Hello where is the job in up North, as Chemical Engineering Technologist,I dont mind working and living with the moose all I want is to get out of Toronto for that better opportunity. Michelle Andrews I will appreciate any help if you can link me up to any website or company that are hiring now. I am more than willing to relocate.

    • Ronzo

      Hey Michelle, I want to work where you are. What’s the company and location? I’ve been thinking of doing that for some time now. Did you know someone before you made the move there?

    • AssHat900

      Yeah we should rape the earth as much as possible.

    • Kat

      Hello Michelle, Well said…..I was wondering if you would be able to provide me with the contact information of the company you are employed with. I have been thinking about making a move like this for a while. I would very much appreciate it, thank you….Kat

  • Mahmood Sarkar

    There are still people who are Unemployed. What are the latest Statistics?

    • Joey Reserved

      I love your beard.

  • Jim

    I feel like going to Alberta , hoping to find better job than here in Toronto. Right, now one of the highest unemployedment rate in Canada is in Ontario .:(

    • Joey Reserved

      Alberta’s economy sucks, too. It’s good for engineers and skilled tradesmen with full journeyman or 3rd/4th year apprenticeships. And of course the usual suspects: doctors, bankers, operations managers, etc. There’s no work out there for most people and the pay blows unless you live in those remote shantytown oil hamlets. I wouldn’t go there. The grass is greener on the other side…until you walk on it.

  • artsycreation

    I find it hard to believe these averages when most of the country/province work in jobs that pay less than $20/hour. Think these numbers set people up with false hope.

    • Doug Patterson

      Average annual income in Canada is just short of 48k which works out to roughly $24 an hour, before taxes, assuming working 8 hours a day, 5 days/week, 50 weeks/year.

    • Steve Buzzell

      I know what you mean I’m a conventional machinist and also NC operator 18$ an hour and the programmer operator working on NC machines in our company only make 21$ an hour Sherbrooke Qc has only garbage salary jobs

  • gerry

    I work offshore oil in maintenance, I often work 18-20 hrs straight , am 56v years of age, no signs of burn out … average income >200 K / year

    • Peter

      Hello gerry, where can i apply for any job anything in offshore oil Industry. My background is Chemical Engineering Technologist. Please if you know any of this website or companies hiring Thanks and will appreciate that.

    • Puncy

      Why is it that no one has mention about the Taxes you will need to pay for that kind of Salary $100,000.00/year

      • gerry

        Taxes are a fact of life if you live in Canada… the legal MAFIA wants at least half your salary if they see you are making a decent living…. heaven forbid allowing one to bring new money into the economy and spending it….

  • Blake A. Stiller

    I don’t care what you say, I went to college when I was 38 I am now seeing the benefits of a good, solid education. I have a great job , bought a house, a new car. You are foolish to think that your future will be secure without an education. Computers are the way to go, they not going anywhere. Do some research and see yourself what wages are.

  • Shafat Ullah

    I Like Hotel and Resturant Jobs,Have Experiance Other Job Section,My Salaries Will Get You $ 30,000/Years.Sir,No Problem My Salaris. My Need Employer Peper For My

  • Atam

    Hi, how about electrician (309A)
    jobs there? Thanks…

  • Craig

    I would kill for a $100,000+/ year job. I’m stuck in retail, making more than they list above, but not much. If I could find a job earning that kind of money, I’d do it happily. I don’t care what the job is, so long as I don’t have to go back to school or pay a ton of money for training.

  • S. JD Wismayer

    Clearly, one does not require a full education nor post secondary education to be financially successful in life. There are many who have the business sense and recognize and seize opportunities as they make themselves available. These are entrepreneurs. There are those who learned a trade or skill then expanded it into a self owned business. These both can earn well over $100,000/anum.
    However, a good education a secondary school diplomat to a post graduate degree, does not guarantee a good income, especially one in excess of $100,000.
    Ones chances for earning a good income and securing a comfortable life in todays society are drastically increased through a better education, therefore the advise to “stay in school” is quite valid. It is sound advise to increase ones chances for a better job, income and quality of life, though not guaranteed.

    • willy

      Agree. Finally someone is sane. People think when they get a degree means they can start making money, regardless what they are doing during the 4 years.

      • ardy mcardy

        I graduated with a bachelors in medical science from a well known medical school in southern Ontario. After a year of job hunting, I have yet to find a job which was more than a 3 month contract due to lack of experience. So yeah, education is quite useless unless it’s a professional degree.

  • Ron G

    Doesn’t matter how much you make unless you are happy and have a balance between home and work .Staying in school and incuring debt for years while trying to attain a pipe dream job that does not exist for entry level positions is not going to make you happy .You won’t be earning high wages at that internship that hasn’t paid you in years and that dream job well your grandparents are never gonna let it go because they have been incurring debt for far longer than you have kiddo!

  • dreamkeyz

    It’s interesting that the article and many of these comments don’t discuss the whopping debt that an education entails. I have an above average paying profession but it is cancelled out my massive student loan payments. I love what I do but wish education was more attainable for the average person.

  • jd

    To heck with $100 K . be a dentist and earn almost twice that much………

  • Cortana Peacecraft

    I make 46k/year…. and all i do is print stickers all day.

    and I get free pens, cups, mugs, ect and clothing (so I lol’s at those who actually have to pay for their carharts). and free CocaCola for some reason… I’m home by 5 everyday. Its not labour intensive or mentally exhausting, its actually kind of fun, might have something with being able to stream you tube comedy, music, movies… whatever I feel like all day as well.

  • Not2busy

    I am a Financial Advisor who would be at the high end of the
    income scale (over $500k salary plus additional money left in my company each

    I have a Business Degree and although I feel it has helped
    me, it did not guarantee anything. Hard smart
    work was really the only thing along with a little luck here and there. I
    believe if someone likes working with people and numbers then this can be a
    great career. It is very difficult at the beginning however if you can hang in
    and build up your client base, the rewards in the long term can be amazing.

    I can also say that I work with many successful individuals
    and some have degrees from Universities and some may have diplomas from
    community colleges, however the biggest reason for their success is again hard
    and smart work. If you are like everyone else,,,,,,then you are like everyone

  • Kris D

    I think the median salary for people going to school would be higher than the median salary for people not going to school, it is as simple as that; if someone has access to that data I would gladly put this to the test. Sure there will be people that don’t go to school and make tons, but they are the exception not the rule. Look at averages and medians, not at a few individuals who come on here and state their salaries, this is a biased representation of the population. I went to school for mathematics and statistics and am making 55k my first year and probably will never touch 150k! but at least I will enjoy what I am doing and maintain a “good” quality of life. People’s obsession with money is disgusting. Does everyone think the more money you make the happier you become? sure there is a minimum under which most people would be miserable but people on here are obsessing over 150k +, part of what’s wrong with society in my opinion.

  • Joey Reserved

    But yeah, you don’t need university to make an average or above-average salary while working for a company. Take the typical courier delivery man working at UPS or preloader at Purolator. They all clear 46-58k depending on years of service and hours worked. And few if any have post-secondary education. Good work is where you find it. Education just gets your foot in the door (sometimes), but unlike 30 years ago, the market is saturated with 4-year degrees. They don’t carry the same oomph they used to. Experience trumps them every time.

  • Davet

    Well, I make well over $100,000 per year, and work a 37.5 hour work week with no overtime required. I also make extra money off investments. But when I was growing up, I ignored the idiots and stayed in school, and then stayed in university. My job is pleasant and interesting, I actually like it. SO IMHO, stay in school.

    • David

      Mind telling us what you do?

  • sg

    Are these numbers before or after taxes?

    • RyDaScotchDrinker

      LOL Before….

  • What is wrong with the world

    so to all the people that are saying people are dumb for going to school: what are you doing with your life? school is for some people. SOME. no one said you have to go to post secondary, and no one is saying you have to stay away from it either. in the end its everyone’s choice what they decide to do… So there’s no need to verbally abuse someone for their life choices. we’re all human beings just trying to live and provide in this world. why so much hate?

  • Stephen

    I dropped out of high school half way through grade 10. i went to technical school when i was 24 for 1 year. Now a manager at 33 i make $140,000. my sister went to university for 5 years and has $35,000 of student loans and makes $50,000 a year. There is no need for high school for kids who dont want to be there, get them out working and finding something they want to do. As for parent who push their kids into university, you are doing them no favours.

  • Beth

    I’m a retired teacher. Back in the late 70s and early 80s I had students who sometimes said that their Dad’s earned more a week than I did with my college degree…that their Dad’s had only high school degrees or less. And it was true for a short window of time in history. Around here, the big draw for high school dropouts or for young men who graduated from high school and for whom technical training and college were “not options”, the auto industry was just the ticket. I tried to convince them that eventually this industry would either die down or would change, requiring more technical training. And, you know whateventually happened….massive cutbacks, big changes in this industry, etc. But still, a smart kid would survive because he could seek training, more education, if it were financially doable later in his life. The worst tragedy though was what this industry did to their bodies and spirits. I’ve lived long enough to see it…bent and twisted backs, damaged joints, broken hopes and dreams.

  • kyle

    Sales is the way to go, in software I make well over 100 k and i left university after my first year.

  • Pasquale

    No one needs a university degree in Canada. I got my 4th class stationary engineering ticket in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta. I’ve worked for 7 years, I am 29 and now work off-shore for an oil co and I currently have a contract of a years length, worth $115/hour. I work 21 days on 7 days off. Calculate what that is per month boys and gals. Education I am sure is great… It would be nice not to work like a work horse. However, I just bought and paid cash for a near half a million dollar home in Northern Ontario where I spend my 1 week per month relaxing and fishing. Life is what you make it, there are opportunities to get rich all over Canada… If you do not end up rich by the time you retire in Canada, you’ve done something seriously wrong with your finances.

  • Jesse

    I work an office job in the oil/gas industry. 4 years in the business, Mon-Fri, 8-5 and I make 109k / year. Home every night, and have only graduated highschool. It’s very easily attainable.

  • afashonbabe1


  • Bridgeburner

    I make 40 k a year, work regular hours, love my job, live comfortably and reject your vain materialism! Life is dandy

  • jeff

    Reading all these comments make me sick, most of you people are so narrow minded and wrapped up in your greedy lives you don’t even realize there is so much more in life than just working and saving for two weeks of vacation a year to go to some dirty resort with 3000 other people, you all sound so trapped like its the only lifestyle. Try experiencing things that don’t cost massive amounts of money…Experience what the earth has provided, experience other people, other beliefs, don’t slave your healthy years away trying to be what society says you should be.

    • E Goodi

      Someone’s bitter and jealous.

  • Matthew Lipscomb

    Sorry, but the author doesn’t even bother to mention if the average salary is before of after tax? Am I missing something here, seems like an important detail.

    • Hammerwielder

      It’s before tax.

  • Hammerwielder

    omg so many people on here defending their decision to drop out of school or not seek a degree and implying that people who get an education are losers. The author was only stating that the high-paying professions have high educational qualifications, and that if you wanted to be in them you had to stay in school, which is the truth. He wasn’t making a value judgement.

    OK, you want me to play the same game? I “stayed in school”, got three degrees, and make $650,000 a year in one of those professions. My usual annual pay increase alone is $50,000. There are hundreds of people in my firm with the same qualifications all making the same kind of money. Those who believe they are better off by not having taken the initiative to get a higher education are deluding themselves.

    • E Goodi

      I don’t think you’re proving anything with your comment.

      Is school beneficial? In many instances YES. Is it necessary? No. Do you have a better shot at making good money by being educated? Of course.

      Don’t disqualify people without a degree, just like you don’t want to be called a ‘loser’ because you DO have a degree.

      Are there youtube stars making 7 figures in their teens? Yes, there are.

      People should make their own decisions based on where they are trying to get in life.

  • SAMM

    Move into the free basement apt of your uncle, borrow money form your other uncle in Hong Kong to make payments on the condo you just purchased, find a girlfriend who cooks/cleans for free.
    That is about it.

  • shuu

    You seem to be under the illusion people need to like what they’re doing. No one wants to do construction or heavy labor jobs but they’re not exactly complaining because a) they wanted money and b) maybe to them how they get that money doesn’t matter as much. It’s not glamorous and it doesn’t have the chic mental image of suits chatting on cell phones down busy streets, but if you’re not swayed by other people envying your lifestyle at a glance, then these are labor jobs are probably a lot better suited to you.

    And ps, I grew up in the “you can do anything you want” generation. No one bothered to mention that doing anything you want, even if you enjoy it, doesn’t earn you money no matter how hard you work at it. Like fine arts or something, or illustration. Yes, you can do it, be the best, go to school, but big money isn’t in those industries. You might find less and less people today care about ‘liking’ their job and are more interested in ‘the jobs that have the most money for the least amount of effort.’ Because who wouldn’t? And why isn’t that made clear to kids? Working sucks, in every field, just go into something high paying and made for the lazy.

  • Mckayla

    my step dad is a truck driver and he makes more then 100k a year, the oil fields is were to go

  • Gió Lào

    i want to have a work in Canada . who? help me !

  • Turndog23

    Staying in school will def lead you to more secure jobs and more opportunities. But in general all the multi millionaires I know, and I know quite a few, most of them didn’t go to college or were drop outs in school, and now are in the top earner percentage from becoming entrepreneurs.

  • Scottyc

    I believe that the best opportunity to make over $100K per year without spending years and years in school is in a sales profession. Sales does require brains and hard work, but not necessarily a degree in any specific major or industry. You just have to be good with people, honest and persistent…all traits that aren’t “school” based but can be honed through life experience and inherently learned values. I did happen to graduate college and earn close to $150K per year in sales, but I know just as many people in my industry that don’t have a degree and make over $100K per year. But, everyone is right, there is not job out there where you can make $100K without hard work and sacrifice.

    • disqusdis2012

      yes but “being good with people, honest and persistent” is probably something you have learned form your parents in your family values for almost 20 years, that’s longer then any university :-) truth be told some people will never have those qualities no matter how many degrees they earn!

  • sam

    Canadians make more than US but taxes in Canada are truly high. Disposable incomes hinder economic expansion. Canadian wage earners are doomed until the leaders in this country reverse their archaic policy and start by releasing more income in the hands of Canadians to spend.

  • Sujith Anand

    Reports suck … The immigrants are facing hell lot of hardships. I came to know from previous records that canada encourages immigrants to fulfill their labour market, that is working in industries , and low paid jobs which Canadians think twice to do it. Normally education in every country should be recognized and validated, but in Canada the validation helps to continue further education and not the ultimately a doctor or an engineer from other countries is ends up with labour jobs that’s what this nice country gives.

    • disqusdis2012

      first of please do not generalize … I came to Canada with a single suitcase did’t speak English now 20 years later I make a good living in what I always wanted to do which is a professional IT career … what you referring to has to do with rules and regulations set by professional organizations … yes if you were a Dr. in your country and you want to be a Dr. in Canada you have to prove it to the Canadian Medical Association that you can provide the quality and level of Medical Care that is expected in THIS country … you actually have 3 chances to pass all the tests to be re-qualified and allowed to practice medicine in Canada … same goes for lawyers as law is different in different countries … however if you’re like me in the IT profession we’re not controlled by such professions … I learned to program computers in English before I could even speak English … so instead of blaming Canada visualize your goal, work hard and get it done, but above all stop complaining and blaming everyone else but yourself

  • David Chapman

    Those are average salaries. More importantly what is the median salary? The median salary is where half the population make more and half make less. The number is no doubt lower. Take 11 people. 6 of them make $25,000/year. 1 makes $1,000,000, 1 $500,000, 1 $250,000, 1 $100,000 and 1 $75,000. The average is $188,636 but the median is $25,000. Quite a difference. I know simplistic but that is the difference between median and average.

  • disqusdis2012

    too much education can be a drag and a downer: a) too much school debt, b) too many years “wasted” learning things you will never use and then c) you can’t get a job b/c there are no jobs in your field of PhD Philosophy LOL let’s face it nowadays if you want to be employed and make good money you have to start off with good “street smarts” … “look” around you, do some research, see where the job market is going … for example most young people are very good with technology, computers, mobile devices etc … you do a 2-3 year local IT college, heck even a bachelor of science or computer science just for “street cred”, work for 3-5 years where ever you can score a gig to get really good at what you do and put some ish on your resume and then go straight into consulting … IT consultants can easily bring well over $100k and it ain’t grease work I can tell you that much ;-)

  • Sujith Anand

    Hello buddy,
    I have been here only for three years and almost 40 and according to u if I spend another 10 yrs to establish myself , I can and I will do good in life. But u and I will lose all the real and best life to enjoy with family goes garbage. Earning money for the children is not the goal in life. Living ur life is the goal.
    And most important think is I did not speak for myself and I did speak for the most number of immigrants.

    I am settling here with a pharmacist designation after 6 years. But I convey the msg how this country treats u with partiality.

  • Sujith Anand

    First one year and then back to my place and came back and write the test McQ then going back and forth

  • Sujith Anand

    And 6 solid yrs have passed to get my license

  • Leon

    .Try real work and come to the oil patch !!!

  • friendlyprogrammer

    If you want big bucks join a union or profession that can go on strike and blackmail the public into higher undeserved wages like a bus driver or teacher.

  • Ben Arledge

    Try software programming. Learn online, low overhead, work from anywhere, great pay, be your own boss.

  • K.G

    Very interesting read, Can anyone recommend if attending school regarding Graphic design and computer programing is worth it.

    I see the salary is $70k but doesn’t state if that’s for a jr developer or a experience person.

    looking for some insight.


  • clayton

    some jobs to make big bucks need a good education but im a welder making $35/hr and i only have 8 months training and im 22 so i dont know where you got your facts that we need to stay in school

  • Ottomatic

    This high school drop out has been in mining for 27 years now and work 77 hrs a week then get one week off. They fly me to and from the site in an executive aircraft feed me and house me and pay me 150k plus every year. Life is good I am healthy having worked physically hard most of those years. My educated friends are still paying off their mortgage and in dept. I owe no one nothing and will retire with 1m in the next 3-4 years. I would rather my kids get an education but that will be their choice. hard decision for them having being spoiled from my high income. BLA BLA BLA

  • Brian

    Hi everyone i am from glasgow scotland and i am due to move to alberta calgary mid april could anyone give me information about the place. i will also be leaving my partner and young daughter for a while which will be hard thanks. Brian glasgow


    Oh Canada lol 49k on average my ass. Here is the real math: 1 guy makes a million, 35 make 20k.. there roughly is your 49k average :|

  • orez zenabi

    How are the job prospects in the oil patch industry in Alberta nowadays? Based on the comment thread below, oil patch workers make over $100K even without an education. That’s nice.

  • Denise

    Many companies won’t hire you into professional roles unless you have a university degree. Having the degree is a way to show your intelligence and ability to stick with your program. Non-professional roles may pay a lot if you put in lots of hours of work and often they include heavy physical labor which is OK when you’re in your 20′s, but can you keep up the pace into your 50′s and 60′s? And do you want to keep working outside in the freezing Alberta winters like some of these jobs require?

    Not everyone can make it up to the top of Everest and those who do, need sherpas, so there is room for every level of ability and education. I’m just glad my parents ensured I had the right high school courses to give me the option of going to university (which I did). Several of my friends went back to upgrade after high school because they saw many more opportunities when you had a degree. If you don’t want a degree, trade school is a great option.

  • DJ Leo Gee Gee

    With a little capital, an effective idea, work ethic and some business acumen anyone can earn over 100K …the key element to this equation is starting capital.