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Student lands the highest starting salary ever

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Clearly, I studied the wrong subject in university. Well, that’s what I would be saying if I were mostly in it for the money, anyway. That’s because a class of 2012 graduate from the Manchester Business School in Britain has just landed what is being called the highest reported starting salary in history.

Now people who graduate with their MBA from a top business school generally do okay. For example, the average starting salary for a Harvard Business School MBA is $120,000. Which isn’t bad, but it’s chicken feed compared to the Highest Starting Salary Ever for a grad.

Poets and Quants is reporting that the graduating student who landed the ultra-lucrative job makes nearly nine times the Harvard average, earning a starting salary of a whopping $1,088,636. The job is reportedly in the financial services field.

The story doesn’t say if that was the employer’s original offer or if the (suddenly wealthy) student had to negotiate their way up over the million dollar mark. While I have written in the past on how to negotiate higher salaries and raises, I would have liked to be in the room for those discussions.

Dramatization: “Yeah, I know I’m fresh out of school, but you’re going to have to add a few more zeros to that offer.”

While none of these are going to make you a millionaire in your first year, here’s a look back at our list of 10 degrees that earn high starting salaries (and 10 that won’t get you hired at all).

(For the record, I studied professional writing, philosophy and literature. My first professional job paid a little over $30,000. And I’ve never actually regretted my choices.)


UPDATE: Poets and Quants, the original source for this story is now reporting that Manchester University misquoted the million dollar MBA salary. The student is apparently making the less interesting, but far much more reasonable $90,000. A spokesperson for the school has apologized for the error.

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