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The highest and lowest paying jobs in Canada

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We recently updated our salary report on what the average Canadian earns. Now we’re taking a look at what the top ten high paying jobs are right now and which occupations pay the least. How does yours compare?

According to Statistics Canada, the average wage for Canadian employees is currently $928 per week – or just about $48,250 a year. Most of the jobs on our high paying list earn at least three times that much. (And the lowest paying occupations pay less than half the average.)

The highest paying jobs in Canada:
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Most of the lowest paying jobs will simply pay the minimum wage of whatever region the job happens to be located in. Towards the low end of the scale that is roughly $9.95 an hour earning someone just over $20,000 – assuming they worked full time and were paid for 40 hours a week.

The lowest paying jobs in Canada:

  • Sewing machine operator – $19,760
  • Cashier – $20,700
  • Ironing, pressing and finishing occupations $20,700
  • Artisans $21,320
  • Bartender – $21,000
  • Harvesting labourer – $19,750
  • Service station attendant – $19,750
  • Food and beverage server – $22,000
  • Food counter attendant / kitchen help – $19,750
  • Babysitters, nannies, and parent’s helpers – $19,750

Of course this doesn’t take into account tipping. Bartenders and wait staff, particularly at higher end establishments can make very comfortable incomes with low hourly wages but the bulk of their income coming from tips.

The Federal government’s Working in Canada website breaks down the salaries for different occupation by province and even by city. It’s a useful tool for seeing how your paycheque measures up – and preparing for your next salary negotiation.


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  • neiljmason

    Top paid lawyers make way more than 272k. I was a Financial Advisor and I had 50 top lawyers on my book. Not one made under 600k. The highest lawyer made $6,000,000. If you are a lawyer making $272,000 in Toronto, you are not very good.

    • Jae

      this is average top people. not a 1 % people

    • Qin

      Nice job of putting out client information into the public.

    • jagroop kaur

      Would like to know which law stream they were into?

    • Donovan Everts

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    • Tomasz Joks

      I hate Donovan Everts. And by the way, I make $5 bil a year asshole. Fuck you

    • EdwardSnowden13

      Sure the lawyer made 6 Million lmao.

      • neiljmason

        I know you think that making $6,000,000 / year is a fairytale. But, it is true. They were M&A lawyers in the oil patch in Calgary. They made money like New York I-Bankers.

        • EdwardSnowden13

          Maybe a one off year, and the very very top of the food chain, I just know that’s extremely rare, and not very likely to repeat, but good for them, hard to believe but it sure is conceivable.

        • EdwardSnowden13

          My family owns the second largest cigarette company in Canada. And I made 1.6 million last year tax free, I pay zero income tax, because our factories are on Native first nations reservations. I thought I made very good money, but I am shocked lawyers you knew made 6 million! holy shit man. thats insane.. You said you are in money management correct? Do you still advise people on financial plans? if so where are you located? and what advice would you have for me for investing? I have 3 million in GICS right now, and 3 million in RBC mutual funds, index funds, and a few individual stocks, 300,00$ being Haliburton, how does my portfolio sound to you?

          • neiljmason

            I do not work as an Advisor anymore, I have moved into a more lucrative profession.


            Nice, how much do you charge per hour, I want you to pee on me ill bring the TARP ?

          • Johnson

            Like what ?

          • 3D Bodyfit

            I know someone who is an outstanding financial adviser. I can get you in touch with him if you are interested.

        • Johnson

          From what I know, it depends on the case they handle. Dont know if public defender make as much.

  • David Gay

    I did a flyer delivery gig back in December 2013 for two weeks. It paid between 6 to 12 cents per house. Sure made the cashier, babysitter and food counter jobs look all the more attractive, am I right, tell me, am I right?

    At least the flyer delivery job did not ask for 2 years previous experience like a cashier job I once applied for.

    • God

      How can you make that comparison…

      • David Gay

        If you were really God, you’d know the answer to that already and not post on a comments board.

  • Ludvik Skalicky

    i work for a non profit organization and work with drug addicts as well with mentaly ill . i make $14.42 a hrs and not alllowed to inform the police of drug dealing as well as fellow staff doing drugs,selling drugs and drinking on the job .living from pay check to pay check and haveing a verry hard time paying my student loan of $76,000.00 .i only made 25,197.40 this year . i have to do filming and acting to make more money for all my bills

    • t hopps

      You’d know more than me, but it seems addicts and the mentally ill are considered ‘write offs’ by society. And people don’t see that helping those suffering from these illnesses as a priority. 14.42 an hour for what you do is a bloody insult.

    • TylerDurden

      LOL… good choice of employment buddy. *slow clap*

      • t hopps

        Yeah, that’s right somebody doesn’t have their head up their ass and actually cares about their job. Makes you look a real ass.

  • John

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  • Monica

    Know what wages are paid for all levels of jobs but what I have found over the years is that titles vary but at some point the cashiers etc etc make almost the same as some office workers. This comparision here is only for those professionals lawyers, doctors etc. Probably that is why some are so cocky when they speak to us lesser mortals.:-):-):-):-):-) Haha!!!

  • Guest

    I am not sure why lawyers make so much. Canada is NOT a law abiding country.

  • ‘Ye is a

    If western nations had a concept of those professions that increased their overall wealth, engineers compensation would far exceed that of lawyers.

  • Sam

    Who said physicians (family or specialist) earn that much? Don’t
    forget their overhead costs (like office rent and bills, staff,
    insurance, …). Here, you can check their average income in BC.

    This is from real and accurate data, not just some random and inaccurate averaging which is different in most websites.

    can even enter the name of your doctor here (in BC) and check how much
    he/she earns (again the number you see is before paying all the overhead