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Your Facebook profile reveals how well you will perform on the job

Peter Harris|

A new research study indicates that employers can learn all they need to know about how well you will perform on the job just from checking out your Facebook profile.

The study carried out by the Northern Illinois University, the University of Evansville and Auburn University had HR professionals and students rate 56 Facebook users based on personality traits likely to be associated with job success (such as openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, and friendliness).

Six months later, the researchers compared the actual on-the-job evaluations that the same 56 users’ received from their employers. There was a strong correlation between success at work and the high Facebook ranking.

We recently noted that 91% of employers say they screen potential candidates on social networking sites before hiring them. This new evidence of how effectively it can be used to predict your future performance will likely mean that this trend isn’t going away any time soon.

“Personality profile questionnaires are subject to people providing what they think is the socially acceptable answer. It’s harder to do that on Facebook – your friends will call you out,” said study author Don Kluemper in explaining the authenticity of the information seen on Facebook.

So is it time to clean up all of those party pictures from your profile? Not necessarily. The researchers found that people who appeared to be more sociable, outgoing and had more friends tended to rank higher. Being well travelled and having a broad range of interests also scored candidate profiles higher ratings.


Peter Harris

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  • Guest

    Recruiters who use facebook as a means of spying on potential employees are, simply put, nosy. I see no valid reasons for why they should have access to my personal life. It is none of their business.

  • Kathleen Rose

    There are two sides to every coin. As much as facebook is personal and private, it is also public unless you choose to have it private. Your life’s social aspects are a big part of your personality and will hopefully shine through on the position you take. And it is NOT spying if your facebook is public. We should all be proud of who we are and proud of what we post since it is such a personal reflection of who we are. With the amount of hours and commitment put into any position taken and the fact that often we are the only representative to clients of the company we work for it is no wonder that employers use our social media presence to screen candidates. Keep in mind also that most employees change not only jobs an average of every two years but complete career paths many times over their life time. It is not only necessary but imperative for employers to get the hiring right in order at the very least for them to maintain what the company has built and at the very most to shine in terms of company culture and ultimately company success…on all levels. I have been both an entrepreneur and an employee and I can tell you what I have told countless people that I trained. At the very least you must maintain what has been built and if the company is fortunate to match the right person to the right position, you will not only help build the company and all that it stands for you yourself will SHINE! And there is no greater feeling then loving your job and the team you work with and the company you work for.