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Group grabbing doughnuts

Eat this not that at work: one food that makes you stupid & 5 that make you smart

Elizabeth Bromstein| August 28, 2015 04:30 pm

When 3 p.m. rolls around, and you head over to the vending machine to grab a bag of chips and a cola, you know that’s a terrible idea, right?

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Introvert woman, holding up an extroverted photo of herself

Who wins? Extroverts or introverts

Peter Harris| August 25, 2015 11:34 am

People who are extroverts naturally have an easier time interacting with other people, conversing with strangers and promoting themselves. That would seem to give them a distinct career advantage. But is it actually the case?

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[Video] Ten career-limiting behaviours

Workopolis| August 15, 2015 12:01 pm

Ever wonder if your own actions at work could be holding you back? Here’s a look at some of the most common workplace actions and attitudes that keep people from being successful.

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Annoying coworker bothering his peers

Seven or eight people to avoid at all costs at work

Peter Harris| August 12, 2015 11:25 am

We all probably work with a few people whose inconsiderate actions drive us crazy. Here’s a look at some of on the worst offenders out there (and how to fix them.)

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A man at work in the office late into the night

So, who has the advantage: night owls or early birds?

Peter Harris| July 23, 2015 12:31 pm

Conventional wisdom has it that the traditional workplace has a bias towards morning people. However, with more and more companies being flexible about schedules, is that still the case?

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Suspicious woman scrutinizing a man

The Pinocchio effect: How to spot a liar

Peter Harris| July 19, 2015 08:17 pm

Experts agree that there are common body language and speech indicators that a person is being dishonest. Here are the common give-aways.

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Woman at a computer holding her eyes open

How to be less tired all the time (so you can be better at your job)

Elizabeth Bromstein| July 16, 2015 07:32 pm

Raise your hand if you’re exhausted all the time! Here is a list of advice for getting better sleep and being less tired during the day.

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Man at his desk, looking annoyed

The most annoying workplace behaviours

Colleen Clarke| July 15, 2015 03:07 pm

A survey of over 5000 employees confirmed that workers are best to leave their bad habits at home. Here are those bad habits.

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Napping woman

Save this to show your boss: new study finds napping can boost productivity

Elizabeth Bromstein| July 13, 2015 03:53 pm

New research from the University of Michigan finds that taking a nap might may be “an effective strategy to counteract impulsive behavior and to boost tolerance for frustration.”

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Well dressed woman in the city

Five secrets to summer dressing for work

Lisa Mesbur| July 6, 2015 04:54 pm

Here are five secrets to summer dressing that are sure to keep you looking work-ready and cool at the office.

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