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15 things you can do in 15 minutes to change your career trajectory

Elizabeth Bromstein| July 3, 2015 04:15 pm

The most common problem among people who feel stuck in career ruts wanting to change their lives is simply not knowing where to start. Doing any of these 15 minute tasks will set you on your way.

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Man crying

Want a raise? Try crying. (It’s science)

Elizabeth Bromstein| July 2, 2015 04:15 pm

If you are thinking of asking for a promotion, a raise, or more vacation time, you might consider crying a little says a news study

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Woman in jeans and a sweater working on a laptop in bed

Work from home jobs that pay six figures

Elizabeth Bromstein| June 30, 2015 02:32 pm

Some people still think work-from-home jobs are unskilled, fake, or unpaid or low paid, like stuffing envelopes or working on your novel. Here are nine that pay over $100K.

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Mother holding her daughter

Working mom survival guide: 7 tips to make life easier

Elizabeth Bromstein| June 26, 2015 01:50 pm

Even while it turns out we’re doing something great for our kids, being a working mom is still hard. Here are some tips to make it easier.

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Canadian Money

The highest and lowest paying jobs in Canada

Peter Harris| June 26, 2015 12:15 pm

Just in time for Canada Day, we’re taking a look at the country’s top ten high paying jobs right now and which occupations pay the least.

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Shakespeare typing on a computer

“Be the change…” Gandhi? No. Stop misattributing quotes

Elizabeth Bromstein| June 25, 2015 04:33 pm

There is a rampant problem on social media – misattributed quotes. Are you guilty? I bet you are.

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Man writing

How to make your writing instantly more effective

Elizabeth Bromstein| June 24, 2015 03:51 pm

Writing skills will help you get ahead in just about every profession. So, while we’ve talked a lot in the past about ways to improve your writing, here’s one more.

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Woman looking skeptical

10 times when you should just shut up

Elizabeth Bromstein| June 24, 2015 01:40 am

Knowing when you to open your mouth and when to keep it shut is a valuable wisdom. We all sometimes don’t speak up when we should, and do speak when we shouldn’t. Successful people know the value of keeping quiet.

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A simple, secret rule for choosing the perfect career

Elizabeth Bromstein| June 23, 2015 02:09 pm

The old schlocky cliche “do what you love” is actually half of a secret formula for finding the perfect career.

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Group of young people sitting around a table staring at their phones

Put your phone away and change your life

Elizabeth Bromstein| June 22, 2015 04:38 pm

I’m going to suggest a challenge, which I propose to undertake along with you – let’s all put our phones away for a week, and take them out only when we are alone.

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