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What the most successful people have in common

What the resumes of the most successful Canadians all have in common

Peter Harris| November 16, 2015 03:52 pm

We analysed the resumes of thousands of business owners and presidents to see what their first jobs were, which roles they most often held along the way, and what we could learn from their career paths.

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A job interview in modern loft building

Why your job applications aren’t leading to interviews (no, it isn’t luck)

Peter Harris| November 10, 2015 06:07 am

Analysis of employer behaviour online reveals how to increase your odds of being hired. Here’s what most applications get wrong and what you can do to boost your chances for success.

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How to write a resume

How to write a resume (with downloadable template to get you started)

Peter Harris| November 2, 2015 04:23 pm

Almost nobody gets hired without first handing over a resume. So you’re bound to need one sooner or later. No problem, here’s how to write a resume – with helpful examples along the way and a template to get you started.

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People trying to get into a nightclub

How to get your resume past the (electronic) gatekeepers

Elizabeth Bromstein| October 21, 2015 01:41 pm

Applicant tracking systems are like the bouncer at the club that only lets in famous and/or beautiful people. You have to find a way past them if you want your resume to be seen by human eyes. Here are some tips.

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Hard-working, over achiever

Sorry, results-oriented, hard-working team players need not apply

Peter Harris| October 9, 2015 12:51 pm

Employers spend only seconds scanning a resume. Don’t fill up valuable space with the same words and phrases they’re seeing in every other resume. Here’s what they’re really looking for.

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Five resume red flags that make employers reject you right away

Elizabeth Bromstein| September 30, 2015 09:12 am

Hiring managers, particularly those with a lot of applicants, will immediately reject resumes based on a cursory look. Here are five red flags that will cause them to do so with yours.

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The 5 best and 5 worst ways to begin and end an email (now with actual research!)

Elizabeth Bromstein| September 12, 2015 04:41 pm

We surveyed hiring managers to ask how they prefer job candidates begin and end their communications. Can you guess what their favourite greetings and sign offs are?

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Professional young woman researching resumes

The exact skills you need to add to your resume to qualify for jobs in ten hot sectors

Peter Harris| September 3, 2015 12:43 pm

We analysed the content of millions of Canadian online job ads and resume searches by employers to create a list of in-demand skills that can greatly increase your chances of getting hired in your targeted industry.

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The perfect resume

[Infographic] The secret formula for the perfect resume?

Peter Harris| August 27, 2015 11:30 am

Data analysis of millions of resumes reveals the keywords, resume length and sections that top-rated resumes by employers have in common as well as the weaker elements to avoid at all costs.

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Woman looking at a resume called resume

Why employers hate your resume – before they’ve even opened it

Peter Harris| August 14, 2015 01:26 pm

Overlooking this one crucial detail hurts many people’s chances of getting hired – before they’ve even applied for the job: what they call their resume.

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