Waitress writing on a pad

Discussion topic: Was restaurant right to fire waitress for refusing to refund $200 tip?

Elizabeth Bromstein | Apr 23, 2014 6:47 pm

IHOP fires waitress for not returning a $200 tip, then rehires her. Should she have had to return it? Let’s discuss.

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What employers wish more candidates knew

Five things employers wish you knew

Kevin Makra| Feb 19, 2014 10:33 am

Survey shows that Canadian companies want to hire. Unfortunately many candidates fall short in a few key areas. Here’s what employers say that job seekers need to know in order to land the job.

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Researcher explains the hidden messages coded into job descriptions

Warning signs: HR expert reveals the hidden messages coded into job descriptions

Renee Sylvestre-Williams| Feb 17, 2014 9:56 am

You have to watch carefully for certain keywords or expressions buried in job description that may sound positive at first but actually have a much darker meaning. Here are some red flags and what they really reveal.

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Melissa Allen, Peter Harris - The Workopolis 180

[Video] The “experience-needed” syndrome – How to market your transferable skills

Peter Harris| Feb 15, 2014 9:37 am

Will taking jobs that don’t use your full skills and education hurt your chances of actually landing a position in your field down the line? Not if you spin it right. Here’s how.

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Sam Rubin and Samuel L Jackson

Bad career move of the week: reporter mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne

Elizabeth Bromstein| Feb 14, 2014 8:02 pm

This week in bad career moves, KTLA’s entertainment reporter Sam Rubin mistakes Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne.

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Happy male volunteer

Volunteer your way into a job

Colleen Clarke| Feb 14, 2014 6:36 pm

It’s the old catch 22: You need experience to get the job and the job to get experience. Get the experience through volunteering, then transfer your skills. Here’s how.

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Editor at the keyboard with magazines

Is this the job for you? Job Profile: Magazine Editor

Elizabeth Bromstein| Feb 13, 2014 7:26 pm

In an ongoing series we are profiling various Canadian professionals. Here, Canadian Family managing editor Cara Smusiak shares some insight into her job.

office workers flirting

Ladies: all the guys at work think you want to sleep with them

Elizabeth Bromstein| Feb 13, 2014 7:09 pm

While office romance is alive and well this Valentine’s day, guys around the workplace are apparently getting the wrong impression about the women they work with. Awkward!

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Jens Lennartsson with his action figures

The most amazing resume you’ve ever seen

Elizabeth Bromstein| Feb 13, 2014 4:16 pm

Swedish photographer takes self promotion to the next level with action figure and portfolio. What can you do to stand out in the job search?

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Man sends cat poop to companies that didn’t hire him

Elizabeth Bromstein| Feb 12, 2014 3:36 pm

A revenge fantasy turned real meets an outside of the (litter) box approach to thank you notes. And that’ll get you probation.

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