Devastated 1D fans asking for time off to cope with Zayn Malik’s departure

Elizabeth Bromstein | Mar 27, 2015 3:26 pm

If you want to be taken seriously as a professional, here is something you should never, ever do: ask for time off work to grieve because a member has left your favourite boy band.

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Woman working on her computer and drinking coffee

Five resume red flags that make employers reject you right away

Elizabeth Bromstein| Mar 18, 2015 8:12 pm

Hiring managers, particularly those with a lot of applicants, will immediately reject resumes based on a cursory look. Here are five red flags that will cause them to do so with yours.

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Frustrated team of three hiring managers

How to do the one thing interviewers just wish you would frikkin do

Elizabeth Bromstein| Mar 18, 2015 5:53 pm

No matter how many times hiring managers try to put out there that they wish you would do your research, candidates still aren’t doing it. Maybe you don’t know how?

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Seven reasons not to get a university degree

Elizabeth Bromstein| Mar 17, 2015 8:31 pm

You graduate high school, you go to university, you get a job. It’s how middle class North America has been doing things for decades. Maybe it’s time to switch things up.

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Melissa Allen and Elizabeth Bromstein

Bad answers to common job interview questions (and how to fix them) [Video]

Workopolis| Mar 17, 2015 5:49 pm

Two candidates answer some common job interview questions. One has polished, professional responses that win over employers. The other is more of a case-study in what not to do.

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10 tips to stop procrastinating sometime in the future…Sorry, I mean RIGHT NOW

Elizabeth Bromstein| Mar 16, 2015 7:46 pm

Only you can decide to just do the thing that needs to be done to get the thing done, and you have to do that in order to get the thing done. Nobody is going to do it for you. Here’s how to do it.

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Social media oversharing causing problems for spy recruiters

Elizabeth Bromstein| Mar 16, 2015 4:04 pm

Pro tip: if you want a job as a spy, don’t take to social media and post “Just interviewed for a job as a spy!” That’s the problem the CIA is facing in the modern age.

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Deal-breakers at the job interview

In their own words: Canadian HR professionals share their job interview deal-breakers

Colleen Clarke| Mar 16, 2015 2:53 pm

Canadian employers reveal the job interview behaviours and questions that are most likely to kill a candidate’s chances of being hired.

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Hot jobs with low unemployment and high demand

Hot jobs with low unemployment, high demand, and rising salaries

Peter Harris| Mar 13, 2015 5:52 pm

While the national unemployment rate remains fairly static, there are a wide range of positions experiencing labour shortages. Here are 22 hot jobs that employers are struggling to fill right now.

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Mark Zuckerberg has one rule for hiring at Facebook

Elizabeth Bromstein| Mar 13, 2015 3:36 pm

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently shared his hiring tricks with a crowd. Fulfill this one requirement and you can increase your value on the job market.

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