How long Canadians stay at work

Job hopping is the new normal

Peter Harris | Apr 17, 2014 9:13 am

We’ve heard complaints from employers about ‘job hopping’ candidates who show no loyalty to their jobs. So the Workopolis team took a look at how long on average Canadians are staying in their jobs. It turns out that the way we work is changing quickly.

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Dream job

Six reasons to stop worrying about your dream job

Kevin Makra| Oct 17, 2013 2:05 pm

A recent BMO survey found that nearly half of Canadians are working at their dream jobs. We surveyed Workopolis users to see how close they are to their goals. Here’s what you told us, and why it’s okay if you haven’t found your ‘dream job’ yet.

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Informational interview

Give your career the inside edge with an informational interview

Marisa Baratta| Oct 16, 2013 9:06 am

The informational interview isn’t a job interview, but it can be a very powerful tool for making connections and breaking into an industry. Here’s how you can obtain and make the most of informational interviews to give your career a boost.

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The best day to apply for a job

The best (and worst) days to apply for a job

Peter Harris| Oct 15, 2013 10:42 am

A new study out this month compares the timing and the success rates of job applications. It turns out that Tuesday is the most popular day that people choose to apply for new jobs. However, it’s not the most successful day to apply.

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Different types of job interviews

Eight different kinds of job interviews, and how to prepare for them

Colleen Clarke| Oct 14, 2013 9:43 am

Expect the unexpected. Job interviews can range from a simple one-on-one meeting to a panel of interviewers, to a formal or informal meal or even an on-the-spot assignment. And that’s only the beginning. Here’s how to prepare for them all.

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The national unemployment rate

Unemployment rate reaches its lowest level in five years

Peter Harris| Oct 11, 2013 10:50 am

The national unemployment rate in Canada has fallen below 7% for the first time since 2008. This marks the lowest level of unemployment that this country has seen since before the start of the recession.

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Ricky Gervais The Office | BBC 2001

The worst kind of boss to work for – and how to fix them

Karen Geier| Oct 9, 2013 4:33 pm

It used to assumed that the micro-managing dictator was the worst manager that you could have. However, lately a new contender for the title of most abysmal leader has emerged. Here’s how to deal with them.

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Five ways that your decisions can be sabotaging your career

Five ways that your decisions can be sabotaging your career

Helen Rendl| Oct 7, 2013 5:02 pm

Your choices, whether small or large, add up to define where you work and live, and the lifestyle you lead. Here are five common decision-making mistakes that many people make, and expert suggestions for avoiding these pitfalls.

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U.S. President Barack Obama

Five things job seekers can learn from the U.S. Government shutdown

Kevin Makra| Oct 4, 2013 5:32 pm

It is impossible to turn on any news channel in recent days without being bombarded with events from the recent U.S. government shutdown. Fortunately, there are some valuable career lessons that we can all take away from the political impasse.

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New Media Animation video: YouTube

[Video] Employer responds to journalist who quit her job in a viral video

Peter Harris| Oct 3, 2013 1:54 pm

Earlier this week, we reported on Marina Shifrin quitting her job as an online journalist in a video. In a new twist to this ongoing story, her former employer, Next Media Animation, has responded with a video of their own.

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