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Life in the Navy

As part of the crew aboard one of the Navy fleet’s patrol frigates, support vessels, destroyers, coastal defence vessels and submarines, you will learn what it is to be a sailor.

Life in the Army

At home in Canada, and on deployments overseas, you will defend our country’s sovereignty and values with the highest standards of military excellence.

Life in the Air Force

If you’re aviation enthusiast, dreamed of flying, or working on large and sophisticated aircraft while helping those in need in Canada or around the world, join the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Life in the Reserve Force

Serve part-time in the Naval, Army, Air or Health Services Reserve. In the event of a threat or crisis, you may be asked to serve full-time as part of a mission in Canada or overseas.

Benefits & Perks

The Forces value family

When not participating in a training exercise or operation, most military members work a regular eight-hour day, receive family health care benefits, opportunities to travel with family, and living options on or near base for a better life balance. The Military Family Resource Centres are staffed by trained professionals to help with your family’s needs.

Get in the best shape of your life

Maintaining a high level of fitness means that our members are dependable, capable and physically prepared. To stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle, the Forces provides outstanding fitness and sports facilities, sports programs, trainers, nutrition and weight-management programs, competitions and more.

There’s strength in diversity

Our non-exclusion policies and adapting uniform standards to accommodate various beliefs and practices, along with our Women and Aboriginal programs, mean that regardless of your gender, religion or ethnicity, the Canadian Armed Forces invites you to be a part of our team and to explore the opportunities we have to offer.

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