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Target is coming to Canada

In 2013, Target stores will open across the country. To make it happen, we're building a team of talented people. People with a variety of skills, abilities and backgrounds who are ready to jump into a fun, dynamic career.

So, what do you say?
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Great People, Great Place to Work

We offer a friendly, fun, collaborative work environment that rewards people who give their best. We invest in the growth and development of all team members and are committed to building a team that does the right thing for our communities, our shareholders and above all, our valued guests who shop at our stores. What's more, we place a high value on diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Because we want to understand the communities we serve, local hiring is a priority. As part of our commitment to the communities we serve, we give 5% of our income to not-for-profits in our communities, so our success is shared with everyone.

Opportunity for Growth

Our team members are inspired by the outstanding opportunities available at Target. Goals are clear, challenging and designed to develop knowledgeable, imaginative leaders dedicated to helping each other succeed. Our team members are empowered, encouraged to innovate, and respected and recognized for their work. Opportunities to grow and lead are available in a wide range of areas across the country, from store management to merchandising to human resources and more.

Community Engagement

Target takes great pride in our long-standing history of community engagement and social responsibility. Since our store first opened in 1962, we have invested in the health and sustainability of our communities. From how we build our stores to our unprecedented support of education to the products on our shelves, sustainability is integrated into the fabric of our business. And we're excited to bring our dedication to serving the public good to communities across Canada.

  • Extending our commitment to giving 5% of our income to local not-for-profits in Canada will help us better serve our communities.

  • Last year alone, team members spent 430,000 hours working in volunteer and social programs to make our communities better.

  • We're looking forward to working in each of our communities to understand what makes them unique and by building relationships and partnerships with residents to discover their wants and needs.

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