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Work in Saskatchewan

Trade and Apprenticeship Services

Saskatchewan needs skilled trades workers. Apprenticeship is a great way to learn valuable on-the-job skills and training is transferable from other provinces and territories.

Career and Employment Services

There are 19 Canada-Saskatchewan Labour Market Services offices across the province that can provide you with information on career and job opportunities.

Graduate Retention Program

Graduates who choose to build their future in Saskatchewan can receive a tax refund of up to $20,000. Saskatchewan is thriving and opportunities for graduates have never been brighter.

Universities and Technical Institutes

World-class learning institutions including universities, technical institutions, regional colleges and other educational centres are helping shape tomorrow's leaders - today.


Ten jobs that pay more in Regina than in Toronto or Montreal

Recent reports show us that Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment of all of the provinces. The demand for workers is translating into higher paycheques across industries.

Canada's most (and least) attractive destinations for work

A recent study has ranked 19 Canadian cities and regions according to such criteria as job opportunities, income and cost of living. Here's who came out on top.

Five reasons why people are flocking to Saskatchewan

The high wages, ample job opportunities in various industries, and continuing economic growth are just some of the reasons more and more folks are heading west.

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