Workopolis Scout

Need candidates fast? See how simple hiring can be with Scout.

We'll help you define your hiring criteria.
We'll help you write a more effective job description.
We'll search for candidates on several job sites.
We'll screen and deliver at least 5 qualified applicants. Guaranteed.

We'll help you find qualified applicants so you can hire the best employees

Why use Scout to help you hire the best?

  • Provide recruitment support

    Receive recruitment support

    Forget head-hunters, Our dedicated Recruitment Specialists will provide you with the recruitment assistance and expertise you need to find an employee.

  • Screen qualified applicants

    Guaranteed results

    If we don't deliver to you at least 5 qualified and interested applicants, you'll get a free Standard Job Posting for you to use towards your next candidate search.

  • Search for candidates

    Get the right candidates

    We'll send you only qualified applicants by posting your job on multiple career sites and searching our own resume database, to find candidates who meet your requirements.

  • Save time

    Save Time

    Scout will save you hours of time searching for and screening applicants so you can focus on other pressing tasks, making it the best way to find employees.

Workopolis Scout offers you the most value for your money

Compare Scout's premium recruiting solution to our major competitors' standard job posting products1

  Workopolis Scout Monster LinkedIn Indeed
Guaranteed 5 qualified applicants
All applicants screened by a recruiter
Potential applicants contacted
Access to a live Recruitment Specialist
Automated posting across multiple job boards
Sponsored job 2
Ad Network
Company logo
30-day duration

1 Based on information from major competitors' websites on July 7, 2014.

2 For job postings that are underperforming the job board's benchmarks

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† If Workopolis is unable to deliver at least 5 applicants within 30 days who match the hiring criteria that were expressly agreed to by the customer and Workopolis prior to commencement of the engagement, Workopolis will provide customer with 1 standard job posting credit (value of $595) at no charge.