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    • August-14-13
    • Contract
    • Experienced
    • 4 Years
    • Aerospace and Defence

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Avionics Engineer


Montreal, QC, CANADA
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The Noramtec Consultants Group has been successfully recruiting in the Engineering, Manufacturing and IT Industries since 1964. We have the networks, industry experience and the connections it takes to offer a wealth of career opportunities and resources in any industry, across Canada and the US.

Opportunities are available in the following environment:

  • Sustaining
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Production
  • Customer Support

In sustaining, you may be required to:

  • Perform Avionics system integration, work with all internal departments for design, testing and certification;
  • Investigate problems with the system related to safety, reliability, manufacturing, customer satisfaction, etc, by performing root cause analysis investigations and defining requirements for design changes, qualify and certify the changes to the system;
  • Review and approve suppliers documents (drawings, test and qualification documents,  etc.);
  • Provide support to other departments (Production, Customer Support, Supply Chain, Program Office, Sales and Marketing, etc);
  • Assist in functional, integration, qualification, and ground/flight test of the system.

In development, you may be required to:

  • Perform technical integration for Avionics systems;
  • Generate requirements, analyze, review and approve system design, oversee system integration, coordinate with various Integrated Product Teams/Suppliers, work with all departments for design, validation and verification, testing and certification, support to certification authorities;
  • Review and approve the suppliers design through participation in the supplier's development, design, manufacture, integration, and verification process;
  • Assist in functional, integration, qualification, and ground/flight test of the system.

In testing, you may be required to:

  • Perform ground and/or flight test activities for Avionics systems on aircraft or test rig;
  • Develop test procedures, perform test preparation and test vehicle validation, create development engineering documentation, define and validate the instrumentation requirements;
  • Plot and analyze ground and flight test data, create flight test reports as required by TC/FAA/EASA Regulations;
  • Participate in troubleshooting, develop/implement resolution plans when test anomalies occur.

In production, you may be required to:

  • Perform support to Production, Design Engineering, Procurement & Quality for Avionics systems;
  • Review & troubleshoot Avionics Systems, implement corrective action;
  • Design, analyze and disposition repairs for non-conformance reports (NCR) in a timely manner to restore design integrity for aircraft in production;
  • Understand and apply engineering drawings, systems specifications, cahiers de montage, quality documents, etc.

In customer support, you may be required to:

  • Front line interface with customers;
  • Provide visibility on customer support requirements within the organization;
  • Define maintenance requirements, participate in troubleshooting at the operator's site, investigate, analyze and prepare technical reports on specific problem areas;
  • Prepare technical reviews for customer committees, and participate in operators' conferences;
  • Provide support to other departments (Technical Publications, Spares, and Training).

In your role, you will be asked to work on various avionics systems such as:

  • Auto-flight:  Flight guidance, Autothrottle, etc.
  • Audio: Public address System, etc.
  • Data Communication: CPDLC, FANS, etc.
  • Displays: EFIS, EICAS, Synthetic vision, etc.
  • Flight Management Systems (FMS): Navigation, RNP, etc.
  • Sensors: Air Data, AHRS/IRS, etc.
  • Surveillance: Transponder, ADS-B, etc.
  • Radio: VHF, HF, SATCOM, etc.
  • Recorders: CVR, FDR, etc.
  • Digital Integration: IMA, Databuses, etc.
  • Maintenance: AHMS, etc.
  • Other avionics systems.

As our ideal candidate,

  • You hold a University degree in Electrical, Electronics, Software, Aerospace Engineering or equivalent;
  • You have a good knowledge with the specification, design, integration, test and certification of Avionics systems on aircraft;
  • You have a good knowledge of RTCA documents DO-178 and DO-160;
  • You are familiar with part FAR25 / 525 certification process and with the ARP4754 standard;
  • You have an experience with civil aircraft and airworthiness authorities (asset);
  • You have strong communication skills (written and spoken).



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