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    • March-17-14
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Location of employment for successful applicants will be determined during the application process and will depend on organizational vacancies at that time.

There is no career more challenging or rewarding than serving in the Canadian Armed Forces. You'll acquire outstanding qualifications and participate in world events that will change your life and the lives of the people you are helping.

From Day 1, you will enjoy a competitive salary and great benefits. But a career in the Canadian Armed Forces is so much more than making a living: it will allow you to make a difference in the world.

You will obtain world-class qualifications, gain leadership skills and visit more destinations than most people will see in a lifetime. You will also make great friends along the way. There really is no other career quite like it.

Marine Engineers operate and monitor the operation of a ship¿s mechanical equipment. They inspect, test, maintain, repair, modify and install equipment associated with the onboard mechanical systems.

Marine Engineers spend much of their career on board ships with ¿home ports¿ in either Halifax, Nova Scotia or Esquimalt, British Columbia. They experience the unique adventures and challenges that come with work at sea, such as working in small spaces, on open deck surfaces and a rotating shift or watch system. Marine Engineers spend time working outside their occupation performing general duties such as cleaning, painting, working in the cafeteria, standing sentry duty or loading supplies.

The Opportunity





As a Meteorological Technician in the Canadian Armed Forces, you will observe, brief on and forecast weather conditions in support of operations at Royal Canadian Air Force Wings and Squadrons, on Royal Canadian Navy Ships at sea, and in Army facilities.




Meteorological Technicians (MET TECH) observe and record surface, marine and upper air weather conditions; process, analyze and interpret meteorological information; operate and maintain specialized meteorological instruments and equipment; brief Wing, ship and land unit personnel on actual and expected weather conditions; and forecast weather conditions.


Meteorological observing offices are generally located adjacent to airfields. While much of a MET TECH's time is spent indoors in a weather office, duties require regular trips outdoors to observe and report on all types of weather phenomena. You will be expected to work rotating shifts, often alone or with minimum supervision. In a naval environment, you will work and live onboard a ship. If posted to an artillery unit, you will participate in field exercises under operational and combat conditions.


Appropriate training, environmental clothing and protective equipment are provided. Support for your health, safety and morale is essential and readily available.


Pay and Benefits


Your pay in the Canadian Armed Forces is based on your occupation and rank. The starting salary for a fully-trained Meteorological Technician is $49,400 per year; however, depending on previous experience and training the starting salary may be higher. 


All service personnel, men and women, married or single, are paid on the same scale. As a Regular Force member, you will also receive valuable opportunities for ongoing education and training, as well as family and personal benefits supporting work-life balance and a strong pension plan.


Training and Advancement


As a Canadian Armed Forces member, you will receive continuous support to advance your career, the chance to travel the world, and many other tangible services and benefits.


Your career in the Canadian Armed Forces starts with training, including several months at facilities across Canada, followed by a period of obligatory service.


If you demonstrate the required ability, dedication and potential, you will receive opportunities for career progression, promotion and advanced training.


Basic Military Qualification (14 weeks)

The first stage of training is the Basic Military Qualification course, or Basic Training, held at the Canadian Forces Leadership and RecruitSchool in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Que. This training provides the basic core skills and knowledge common to all trades. A goal of this course is to ensure that all recruits maintain the Canadian Armed Forces physical fitness standard. 


Soldier Qualification (1 month)

After Basic Training, Army recruits go to a Military Training centre for the Soldier Qualification course, which covers the following topics:


  • Army      Physical Fitness
  • Dismounted      Offensive and Defensive Operations
  • Reconnaissance      Patrolling
  • Advanced      Weapons Handling
  • Individual      Field Craft


Basic Military Occupation Training (20 weeks)

Meteorological Technicians then attend the Canadian Forces School of Meteorology in Winnipeg, Man. Training includes:


  • Surface weather observations
  • Recording and encoding weather data
  • Measuring surface and upper winds
  • Operating meteorological instruments
  • Weather communications
  • Maintenance of weather equipment
  • Weather briefing




A successful candidate must:


  • Be      a Canadian Citizen
  • Be      17 years of age or older (with parental or guardian consent if under 18)
  • Meet      Canadian Armed Forces medical standards
  • Successfully      complete selection process, interview and examinations
  • Pass      physical fitness tests
  • Have an aptitude for mathematics, physics and computer systems


The Canadian military is one of the most highly trained and respected forces in the world. Above all, the Canadian Armed Forces values strength of character and team contributions. This means that regardless of your gender, religion or ethnicity, the Canadian Armed Forces invites you to be a part of its team and to explore the opportunities it has to offer.


The Canadian Armed Forces has also taken great strides in safeguarding the equality of women. By adopting a "no exclusion policy," it has become one of the only militaries in the world to remove all barriers to full and equal service for all its members. This means that women have the opportunity to work any job in the Canadian Armed Forces.


Join Us


Find out more about becoming a Canadian Armed Forces Meteorological Technician, and see what other opportunities are available at FORCES.CA, call 1-800-856-8488 or visit your nearest Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre.



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