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Pharmacist - Part time


Toronto, ON, CANADA
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Empowering healthcare starts with you. It starts with the chain of events you initiate when you work with McKesson Canada -- a chain that extends across the country and results in millions of people getting more from their healthcare.

At McKesson Canada, we touch the lives of 12 million Canadians every day. We carry more than 35,000 products in 17 distribution centers and ultimately provide distribution to 6,300 retail pharmacies, 1,350 hospitals, long-term care centers, clinics and institutions all over Canada. But we're so much more than a distribution company. We've automated 2,500 retail pharmacies and dispense over 100 million doses a year through our automation solutions. Manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients count on us for a full range of services that contribute to the quality and safety of care for us all.

Position Description

Job Summary

The pharmacist is required to compound and dispense prescribed pharmaceuticals and provide consultative services to both clients and health care providers in accordance to all laws and responsibilities set by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and McKesson Canada.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Filling, checking and dispensing medications accurately
  • Provide patient counseling to new patients
  • Perform patient follow-up calls
  • Provide medical information as required to patients and other health care professionals
  • Ensure prescription pricing is accurate and payment methods have been established
  • Ensure medications are delivered to the appropriate site as per patient requests
  • Provide general customer service for patients and health care professionals
  • Other duties as assigned

General Responsibilities

  • The pharmacist is responsible for providing leadership, mentoring and supervision to all staff in the pharmacy
  • Oversees staff to ensure compliance with laws and regulations governing pharmacy


  • Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree
  • A valid license to practice pharmacy with the applicable College of Pharmacists
  • Full-time employment for at least one year in a hospital or retail pharmacy setting
  • Bilingualism (English/French) an asset
  • Working knowledge of retail pharmacy practice in the applicable province including understanding biologics and specialty medications and third party regulations
  • This position requires a significant degree of self-direction and independence
Benefits & Company Statement

It starts with you. That's a simple sentence but it says a lot. It reminds each one of us that what we do matters. Every single McKesson Canada employee contributes to our mission -- whatever your title, whatever your role, you act as a catalyst in a chain of events that helps millions of people all over the globe. By connecting and improving the business of healthcare, we're helping to ensure that millions of patients get the treatment they need. And by choosing a career with McKesson Canada, you'll join a team of passionate people working together to improve lives and advance healthcare.

At McKesson Canada, we believe we can empower healthcare. And it all starts with you.

As an equal opportunity employer, McKesson Canada unites the talents and contributions of all to advance the power of healthcare. Learn more about your opportunities by visiting the careers section at

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