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Transportation Manager


Mississauga, ON, CANADA
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Empowering healthcare starts with you. It starts with the chain of events you initiate when you work with McKesson Canada -- a chain that extends across the country and results in millions of people getting more from their healthcare.

At McKesson Canada, we touch the lives of 12 million Canadians every day. We carry more than 35,000 products in 17 distribution centers and ultimately provide distribution to 6,300 retail pharmacies, 1,350 hospitals, long-term care centers, clinics and institutions all over Canada. But we're so much more than a distribution company. We've automated 2,500 retail pharmacies and dispense over 100 million doses a year through our automation solutions. Manufacturers, healthcare providers and patients count on us for a full range of services that contribute to the quality and safety of care for us all.

Position Description


Job Summary


The responsibility of the Transportation Manager is to support the region in achieving its objective of reducing transportation costs and increasing quality of delivery services. This will translate in identifying regional business strategies, best practices and processes, including quality, and implementing improvements.  Working in conjunction with customer service,  Operations and National Transportation, the person will lead the identification, the development and the implementation of methods and procedures that will minimize delivery cost in accordance with National guidelines.


Section A - Specific Duties


Certain responsibilities that are typically associated with a job as Director, Manager and Supervisor are included.  Duties and responsibilities generally include but are not limited to:


  • Provide leadership to facilitate business needs in the transportation department including; tracing and expediting, carrier invoice payment, rate/contract negotiation, carrier management , reporting, assists in establishment and maintenance of transportation procedures, budgeting and forecasting, business controls, loss and recovery and provide leadership and direction to other internal customers and employees.  Work with the appropriate internal customers and external service providers to ensure the most cost effective and efficient methods of scheduling and routing are in place.


  • Ensure all invoices are paid in accordance with McKesson negotiated rates, corporate financial policies and procedures.


  • Develop rate negotiation strategies. Administer McKesson Canada rate negotiation process ensuring the selection of carriers minimize cost while providing acceptable plus levels of transportation and related services.


  • Develop evaluation criteria used to measure carrier performance.  Perform regular carrier performance evaluations to ensure providers meet McKesson Canada goals and objectives with respect to transportation activity.


  • Develop reporting processes, which support the effective management of McKesson Canada transportation department.


  • Ensure all laws and regulations by ground (Transport Canada) and air (IATA) are followed for shipping dangerous goods and narcotic shipments.


  • Field support, liaison between customers, McKesson Canada, freight/transportation service providers.




Section B - General Duties



  • Follow company Health and Safety policies.


  • Ensures that all employees are aware of, and comply with, the health and safety issues and principles outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations by offering training (e.g. orientation and safety Talks); verbal and written safe operating procedures; perform regular workplace inspections; and enforce safe operating procedures and personal protective equipment


  • Trains employees; evaluates their performance; encourage and assists them with their development.Ensures that company and governmentalpolicies are respected.


  • Maintains appropriate communications with all levels of the organization.



Section C - Key Attributes/ Requirements


  • 8-10 Years of Transportation Industry Experience ( courier, LTL,FTL)
  • Previous experience in the Pharmaceutical Transportation Industry ( Asset)
  • Knowledge of Health Canada compliance (Asset)
  • Experience/Knowledge with temperature control transportation (cold, ambient) ( Asset)
  • Experience/ Knowledge using Transportation Technology
  • Experience/knowledge of fleet management (Asset)



Benefits & Company Statement

It starts with you. That's a simple sentence but it says a lot. It reminds each one of us that what we do matters. Every single McKesson Canada employee contributes to our mission -- whatever your title, whatever your role, you act as a catalyst in a chain of events that helps millions of people all over the globe. By connecting and improving the business of healthcare, we're helping to ensure that millions of patients get the treatment they need. And by choosing a career with McKesson Canada, you'll join a team of passionate people working together to improve lives and advance healthcare.

At McKesson Canada, we believe we can empower healthcare. And it all starts with you.

As an equal opportunity employer, McKesson Canada unites the talents and contributions of all to advance the power of healthcare. Learn more about your opportunities by visiting the careers section at

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