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Data Modeler - Erwin


Toronto, ON, CANADA
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Job Description

Data Modeler


Data Modeler Job Description

Will be supporting the data architecture strategies to establish a quality, integrated data environment across all lines of business and technical platforms. This resource will be developing logical/physical data models for various Enterprise Data Warehouse projects and operational relational database designs, in compliance with data and metadata standards. Will be responsible for updating the mapping documents and provide the target table/column mappings and the business rule information to the DBA’s and ETL developers. 

Data Modeler Technical Skills:
-An excellent knowledge of the data modeling tool Erwin Version 7.3 1 or later
-A high level knowledge of integrating data structures into Enterprise Data Warehouse data models 
- Expertise using industry standard models (e.g., FS-LDM, FSDM) as a template for developing logical data models for a Data Warehouse Environment 
-An expert knowledge of developing Third Normal Form data models
Business Expertise:
-A high level understanding of financial institution/banking concepts and processes
Erwin 7.3

Data Modeler duration : 3 months contract to start

Data Modeler location : Downtown Toronto

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