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    • August-20-14
    • Full Time
    • 3 Years
    • Recruitment and Staffing

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Pharmaceutical Product Manager


Toronto, ON, CANADA
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Are you actively looking? Just getting a feel for what's out there? Either way, turning to Lock Search Group is better than hoping good fortune drops the perfect opportunity in your lap. We've been matching companies with candidates from coast to coast for quite some time now.

Formed in 1983, Lock Search Group is a privately owned company providing exceptional recruiting services to exceptional clients. Our team is built of well-connected senior recruiters who specialize in their field. They know your market and your specific needs.

Pharmaceutical Product Manager

My client is looking for a Product Manager with pharmaceutical experience in Canada, preferably with previous experience in the prescribed antihistamine marketplace.

If you're interested please send your resume to me, Ed Mead , at

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