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Electronics Technician


Mississauga, ON, CANADA
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Job Duties:

  • Assemble and test communication products utilizing bill of materials, wiring diagrams and proper soldering techniques.
  • Monitor and responds to employee, products, and customer concerns.
  • Provide technical assistance for customer service inquires.
  • Responsible for production planning, quality control, and inventory control
  • Troubleshoot and repair defective Peltor communication products returned by customers.
  • Coordinate repairs system directly with Company's Customer Service Department.
  • Assesses and requisitions needed material and components for product to be produced and repaired.
  • Gathers data, complies, analyzes and issues periodic reports as requested.
  • Uses computer and production software applications.
  • Uses basic electronic test equipment as necessary in production / repair process.
  • Maintains work area, plant and equipment in a clean, safe and orderly condition.
  • Follows prescribed safety rules and regulations.


Skill Requirements:

Candidate must possess a positive attitude, be able to understand and follow written and verbal instructions, and be able to complete reports. This job entails the candidate to perform a wide range of duties in the production and assembly of headsets and radio interface cables. The candidate will require to assemble and test communication products utilizing various bill of materials, wiring diagrams and proper soldering techniques. Good customer service is a must fir this position as the candidate will be providing technical support and assistance to customer inquiries. The candidate must be able to work with various electronic equipment, hand tools, computer and production software applications in order to analyze, repair and troubleshoot defective products. Candidates should be able to work independently and possess a minimum of 3 - 5 Years electronics experience and a High School Diploma.

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