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Canada’s most attractive employer?

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Staffing firm Ranstad conducts an annual survey of the ‘most attractive’ employers in various countries. Roughly 7,000 respondents per country between the ages of 18 and 65 are are surveyed on their perceptions of their country’s 150 largest companies.

WestJet is flying high after winning the 2012 Randstad Award for Canada’s most attractive employer. As perceived by survey respondents, WestJet earned the top spot in two of ten attractiveness categories (pleasant work atmosphere and interesting job content). The company also scored high on training opportunities.

Next to WestJet Airlines Ltd., the top five award-winners voted as Canada’s most attractive companies to work for include ArcelorMittal, Pratt & Whitney Canada International Inc., IBM Canada, Molson Coors Canada and Bombardier Inc. You can view the entire list here.

Job security, employee benefits rank high as important company assets

The survey also uncovered the main factors determining how attractive people found an employer based on the respondent’s age, gender and education level.

On the whole, Canadians are most concerned with long-term job security (65%), followed by a competitive salary and employee benefits, a pleasant work atmosphere, financial health of the company and career progression opportunities.

Age differentiators: Canadians under the age of 39 seek out international/global opportunities, careers progression opportunities, good training and a good work-life balance. Those 39 and over expressed concern with the quality and value of products or services being provided, a competitive salary and benefits, a pleasant work atmosphere and location convenience when seeking out an employer.

Gender divides: Based on gender, men are more likely to seek out a financially sound company with strong management and good career prospects. Women are more likely to seek out a company offering flexibility, accessibility, a pleasant atmosphere, a good salary and work-life balance.

Education level: Highly educated Canadians (university and grad studies) selected companies with global career prospects, interesting jobs and work-life balance. Respondents with lower levels of education (college and other post-secondary education) selected accessibility, job security and flexible work arrangements as most attractive when seeking an employer.

The Randstad Award survey measures the perceived attractiveness of a company. The survey includes the 150 largest employers in Canada with at least 1,000 employees.

If you could work for any company in Canada, where would you work?

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