Staff needed: find the right candidates by changing message

Not reaching the right candidates? Maybe you need to tailor your message

Christina Bruce|

Are you unknowingly repelling your ideal candidates? A study from Gallup found that different kinds of candidates are attracted to very different things in a job posting.
There has never been doubt that certain factors drive interest in a job and increase the chances of a successful posting. For example, information about benefits, perks, office location, etc. have been definitely proven to increase job views, and the number of applications.

Tailor your message

Many companies have a generic recruitment message for all roles across an organization. The study , however, found some major differentiators for various types of candidates, and the type of role. For example:

  • Candidates seeking full-time work had an increased interest in benefits and growth opportunities
  • Highly-educated candidates with advanced level degrees were found to place more value on company culture, and an organization’s corporate mission.
  • Entry level candidates were found to look for an enjoyable work environment and social opportunities.

Your recruitment message should reflect your target group. It’s ok to have different messages for different types of roles.

Find insights specific to the role

Industry or role-specific insights can make a world a difference to the success of a job posting. Different positions are inclined to want different things, and to place varying levels of importance on certain things. How can you know what that is? One simple idea is to ask highly successful people in the same roles what attracted them to your company in the first place.

Here a few examples of role-specific insights that can help you get started.

Sales – Successful sales employees have been definitively linked to a belief in the value of the product they are selling. Try testimonials from both customers and other successful employees.

Marketing – Your brand identity plays a part here. Top candidates will want to see a presence in the market, partnerships of value, and a well-designed website.

IT – Flexibility ranks highly with this in-demand group of workers, as does the opportunity to upgrade skills on the most innovative technologies.

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