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Report: Canadian starting salaries to increase by 4% in 2014

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Several reports came out this week with projections for where Canadian paycheques are headed over the coming year. Here’s a look at what we’re earning now, and who is expected to see the biggest increases in 2014.

According to the annual salary report by Robert Half International, the starting salaries for Canadians working in a variety of professional occupations are expected to increase by an average of 4% next year.

The biggest pay increases are expected to go to technology positions, with projected of 5.5% increase in starting salaries. Workers in accounting and finance are predicted to receive starting salaries that are up an average of 3.2% over this year.

Robert Half predicts that overall starting salaries for administrative professionals in Canada will increase by 3.2% in 2014.

Also released this week was Aon Hewitt’s Salary Increase Survey which predicts an average increase of 2.9% for Canadian workers across the board. Manufacturing jobs are expected to see just above this at a 3% boost in pay – while at 2.8%, service industry jobs are expected to fall just below the average.

According to Statistics Canada, the average salary in Canada (as of July 2013) is $47,500 a year. Albertans are the highest paid Canadians with average salaries in that province coming in at just over $57,000 or nearly $10,000 above the national average. With an average salary of $49,500 per year, people in Saskatchewan are the next highest paid in Canada. Earning an average pay of just under $40,000 a year, Prince Edward Islanders earn the lowest salaries.

Wondering what the right salary is for your profession? The Canadian government’s Working in Canada website has an in depth salary comparison tool with the average pay for specific occupations by region across the country.

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  • Dhirenkumar Shah

    Hi Everyone,
    I don’t know how Stat. Canada give figures but since I landed in Canada in April 2005 I was Out of Work for around more than 1.5 years average and my wife was out of work around 3.5 years.
    I have lots of regrets to come to Canada but I can not go back home as there is No Home for me and it became TOO EXPENSIVE TO LIVE AFTER I LEFT MY COUNTRY.
    Now my wife do not have a Permanent job I do not have a job even I am laid off
    I do not see any way to survive but to spend from my retirement savings

    • Hitesh Shah

      Hi Mr Dhiren. Sorry to hear about your experience. I am a landed migrant as well. Just landed about a month ago. I would like to know more about your experience. Please write to me on

      • Antonio

        Good Evening!!! Mr. Hitesh can you pls help me to go to canada?
        I really want to work there. This is my email address Thanks

        • Savio

          Hi Antonio, I sent you an email check and reply

          • Antonio

            Sir Savio I replied already. Thanks and waiting for your response.

      • Savio

        Hi Hitesh,
        I’ve settled in Canada since ’96 and originally from Mumbai, India
        I work in the IT industry as a business analyst.
        Send me an email and maybe I can help you

        • Hanri


          I am from South Africa and
          would like to know whether my skills will be sought after in Canada, would
          you please send me an email to
          and I will reply on that with my CV.

          so much,


      • Anil Kumar Gupta


    • Blagica

      good evening. I`m Blagica can anyone help me and tell me what is need to go to work and live in Canada? I try so many time but I d not have respond, please you for advise, this is my emal:

      • Savio

        Hi Blagica, I sent you an email. check and reply.

        • Blagica

          Hi I recived your email thank you for your respond , but If you cant tell me how to come and to live in Canada I please you, I’m air-traffic engeener, I have very good knowlege with Microsoft office and Adobephoshpo CS3, I try so many time but with out respond, Now I live in Italy and here is very difcult for ind job so I look inf forward and my wish is to go in Canada

          • Mika

            Well many people would like to go to Canada, but there is no heaven. I suggest you improve your english and french first!

        • Blagica

          I try it Canadian Immigration websit but not respond maybe because I nt married ,

    • Savio

      Hi Dhiren.
      Sorry to hear about your experiences but I’ve settled in Canada since ’96 and yes I will agree with you that its tough in teh begining but eventually one does settle down well in Canada based on you and your wife.
      I now work in the IT industry as a business analyst.
      send me an email and maybe I can help you

    • winner

      Hi Dhiren,
      I can perfectly understand your situation. I landed here in 2003; in the past 10.5 years I have been out of work for 4 years in total — before coming to Canada I wasn’t unemployed even for a day. Guess what these 4 years have been when I have had a Canadian designation. I continue to hold a prestigious designation, yet finding it difficult to land a job. I have been out of work since Jan 2013 when the contract ended. Just had 2 interviews since then. Just like you, I cannot go back where I came from. Now my situation is such, I have been forced to put my home on the market for sale so that the equity can be used to pay off all my debts; will have to go back to renting. I have great regret coming here. I enjoyed a fabulous life before migrating; problem was in that country you cannot get citizenship, so got hooked on Canada foolishly thinking I will be able to have the same standard of living.
      The locals(those born here) have an anti-immigrant attitude; unlike the US here the game is played in a polite and subtle manner. You will never be appreciated for your work, skills, and intelligence. Hence, the lack of response to our job hunting efforts. Discrimination is widely prevalent. Insults, verbal abuse, exploitation on account of your immigrant status, and discrimination on the salary front is commonplace — I have experienced all of them.

      Canada is a TRAP, a HUGE TRAP. I have successfully discouraged 5 people from migrating to this country.

      • George

        I fully agree and sympathized with you, winner! I was in your shoes before. I have also some regrets. Luckily, I was able to get back to where I was working before and even got a better job offer, definitely better than what I was receiving there in Canada despite having a respectable Canadian designation from a reputable Canadian university. The place I was working before and currently working now does not grant citizenship. Be that as it may, I am just looking now the positive side of being a Canadian (yes, I’ve just got my citizenship this year after landing in 2005. For those newly landed immigrants and immigrant-turned Canadians as well, it is really toughed for them. Canada is not the same economically 20 years ago.

        • winner

          They just want immigrants to do the low level work. In 2012, Philippines topped the list of countries supplying immigrants. At Tom Hortons, you will find many Filipinos working there. These are low paying jobs requiring minimal skills. This country is suitable for low class work, not suitable for highly educated people like me because there are a very few jobs available for them — and these jobs are bagged by those born here. We have two societies here — one for non-immigrants(enjoying a good life) and the other for immigrants(underpaid, overworked, and exploited)

          • ogboy

            I’m a Filipino immigrant and my work here in Canada is perfectly fine. I’m not working at Tims but what’s wrong working there? Most Filipinos I know works there and use it as a stepping stone so that they can have enough Canadian job experience and look for a better paying job later. I guess the highly educated people like you needs a little bit of patience, and sometimes lowering your ego do you good.

          • winner

            Would request you not to make comments without knowing facts. Within the first 6 months, the money I brought with me exhausted while searching for a job in my chosen profession. Subsequently, I was forced to take up a labour job just to survive — there you go, I lowered my ego considerably. 7 months thereafter, finally secured a job in my chosen profession.
            I have been in this country for 10 years; 10 years is more than being patient.

          • ogboy

            See… for just after 7 months you got a job (in your chosen profession). What’s the problem now? Why do you need to discourage others? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to diss you.

          • winner

            ogboy, you got the math wrong. you have to add the 7 months to the prior 6 months — that makes it 13 months(go back and read my comment carefully). I had to start right at the bottom; outclassed both my manager as well as the head of the department, by their own admission. During the 2 years at this job, I pursued a local designation — passed all exams at the first attempt and even stood 4th highest nationally in one of the final exams. Just a few days before passing the last exam and thus becoming a member of the professional body, a dirty game was played resulting in me getting fired. Why do you think that happened? Because I was a threat to these 2 fellows. Both of them were born and raised in this country. After losing this job, I was unemployed for 2 years. I will stop here, but my story is quite long.

          • JamesGR

            Seriously? You are a world genius that nobody wants to hire?? I mean seriously????

          • ogboy

            I think what’s important is your ATTITUDE and not your IQ. And based from winner’s comment I think I know what’s his problem with his career…. ATTITUDE

          • winner

            you just made a fool of yourself. Earlier today I received a job offer from the US(New York to be precise). Excellent position at a senior level, great pay with stock options, great benefits. In a couple of weeks I am out of here. Hours will be long — but who cares; I love to work. In Canada, I can only dream of such an opportunity. Good bye folks! Gotta go and get stuff done to escape from this hell.

          • ogboy

            Good for you and good for Canada. And good luck to you and good luck to US (your employer to be precise).

          • winner

            Thank you, Sir. Obviously, it is good for Canada after all Canada is known as a warehouse of the US. Without the US, Canada is nothing. Just look at the international trade numbers — this country is heavily dependent upon the US.
            Wishing you all the best in your life.

          • JamesGR

            Oh!!! So you are suddenly eligible to work in uSA… Hmmmm ok! You are going to live the real dream then.!!! I suppose the fantastic benefits include medical care because Obamacare is still pending!!! And also NY city has cheap apartment rent.. Anyways, good luck! Canada really sucks especially in comparison with US…..

          • winner

            You sound like a typical Canada born; small minded, xenophobic, cannot stand the sight of immigrants succeeding.
            Look how CGI(a Canadian company if you are not aware) messed up with the Obamacare website; pathetic display of skills; these morons were responsible for a major part of the website.
            I have been trying for the US for quite sometime; so eligibility wasn’t sudden.

          • JamesGR

            You silly! If you could read my comments you should have seen that I wrote I’m an immigrant in Canada!

            But you sound like a typical immigrant intruiding in another country and then accusing them because you didnt succeed! TYPICAL!l
            I like usa but if you knew the basics of economics you would know that Canada’s economy is more stable. Most importantly, living your life is better!

            Anyways, good luck because luck is all YOU need.

          • winner

            you replied to my comments twice wherein you did not indicate that you are an immigrant. Moreover, I stated you sound like a non-immigrant which means one cannot be certain that you are so unless you confirm yourself. BTW, I have a degree in economics in addition to a degree in my current occupation. So don’t get me started on economics; you will be floored. Sure, life in Canada is better for couch potatoes. In the US, it is perform or perish. Here it is lick your bosses’ boots or perish. But for the US, Canada would just be a land of igloos. Look at the 2011 patent registration numbers; Canadian numbers are pathetic — even Finland, a country with a population less than that of Toronto has registered much more patents than Canada.
            The most important thing in life is WORK for Work is Worship — something Canadians generally do not follow. Canadians in general lack ambition and are not aggressive mainly due to lack of self-confidence. Lack of self-confidence can lead to small mindedness.

          • Barb Tremblay

            you pomous self important moron… oh behalf of CanadaI thank you for leaving…and enjoy the US with their 17 TRILLIION $ debt…and when it implodes good luck…

          • Barb Tremblay

            and BTW you english is steller…

          • Maco

            Congrats Winner! Good for you!

          • Barb Tremblay

            did you want me to help you pack…lol

          • Barb Tremblay

            then why do you stay if this is such a horrible place, it sound like you can work any where in the world why do you stay…and lots of ppl that are born here can’t get a loan when they don’t have a steady income…and since you have been unemployed for 4 of the 10 years it might have been pudent on their part. And a truly ambious person will always find a way…some ppl want or think that they are entitled to ‘help’ becasue they are special. Well no one is that special. And I see you are reluctant to say what it is that you do…and why it is that you ‘can’t take just any job…a job is a job and money is money…so if things are not to your liking no one is holding a gun to your head to stay…

          • Clinton Gomes

            Congrats Winner!! But don’t think you are free yet.
            PR process in states takes foreva

      • JamesGR

        I dont understand you people!
        You came to another country for better life and because you are not living the dream you blame Canada!
        I’m an immigrant too.
        I came few months ago in Canada and still cant find a job.
        I’m not blaming Canada. I chose to be here. I have qualifications and I will find a job.
        If you dont like it here go back or leave the country!
        Jesus Christ! Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!

      • Maco

        Very well said! It’s about time the world learnt the truth about Canada! Make sure you post what you posted here on globally popular media like yahoo.

    • JamesGR

      “I have lots of regrets to come to Canada but I can not go back home as
      there is No Home for me and it became TOO EXPENSIVE TO LIVE AFTER I LEFT
      MY COUNTRY.”

      Did the Canadians forced you to come to their country?
      (i’m an immigrant too so dont start that i’m xenophobic)

  • Rosa

    I have been in this county for 33 years and have always worked and at some time I had 2 jobs, have since 2012 lost my job in the field of secretary/administration, have had some interviews and nothing comes out of it…been loyal and responsible for 28 years at the same job left me with complete dislike for the job hunting. No one wants to hire because I am over qualified? lol they don’t want to pay nor they want someone in their 40s….there are a lot of jobs out there and why don’t they give people a change as it was 28 years ago….saving money is costing money…. I think… I know why people live on the streats…this is still one of the best countries to live in….

  • MrRtd

    Not commenting on the job situation you are all talking about, but rather that it’s not such a great idea to publicity post your email addresses.

  • m@

    A general salary increase of 4% has been unheard of and whistle-blown as reckless the past four years. Let’s see who gets it. Probably will just affect a sliver of the economy. Cough, the rich get richer, cough.

  • kumar

    Hi everyone,
    I am a new immigrant landed one year ago. The statistics ¶¶….. I doubt… bcse now the jobs are limited and more applicants. Even the retail stores want to hire 3 parttimers instead of one and give 15 hrs/week. This way they could save money by npt giving benefit
    I believe, Canada is earning more money by bringing Immigrants -Qualified Rich that they all bring money to canada and spend the money here, contributing to economy.
    At the same time government teach them to do a survival job…it means CHEAP LABOR…#2. then they want to upgrade your qualigication… you spend money…#3. even after that jobs are not sure… Layoff will take ur savings….
    Few trade workers make good money… Others stuck here….

    share your thoughts to benefit others….

    • foureyes

      kumar has hit the nail on the head. Years ago Canada was a good place to live. Now it has gone downhill in a hurry. A mass influx of immigrants has led to what they call temporary jobs. Little pay and no benefits. Immigrants will gladly work these jobs as they are desperate to find work here in Canada. Most companies are only looking for temp help. Hiring, then laying off when it is time to hire them permanently, then rehiring new people to take their place again for a few months. Here even young kids with an education are doing temp jobs because there is no jobs for them. I have heard more than one immigrant say ” Canada is a good place to immigrate to if you want to slowly starve to death while your boss pushes you to go faster at your job because he threatens you that I can always take this job to China where it can be made cheaper which as you all know and realize is the truth

    • winner

      Immigration is a BIG SCAM. Yesterday, TD bank issued a report stating the labour shortage claim is exaggerated. I believe the government and big corporates are behind this myth. Employers want to bring in cheap labour because they don’t want to pay the current hourly rate to Canadian workers. The temporary foreign workers program is widely abused. New immigrants are desperate for a job, therefore, they settle for low pay and thus, are vulnerable to exploitation. It is a very abusive system indeed deliberately designed as such.

      • Barb Tremblay

        if you think the cost of living here is high…just wait till you get to NY…most expensive place in NA to live…and that is not even factoring in Healthcare…good luck and please don’t look back..

  • miran

    Heem, sounds bad???i was planning to work in CANADA. But since i read this i felt like no need. I will stay and be content what i have right now. God bless you all.

  • miran

    Heem, sounds bad???i was planning to work in CANADA. But since i read this i feel like no need. I will stay and be content what i have right now. God bless you all.

    • winner

      Good decision. STAY AWAY FROM CANADA. It will be the best decision you would have ever taken.

  • Bruce A Kit

    I am so exited! Most of us will see zero increase, while we can be assured of a Cost Of Living increase of 3.6%-4%, and that’s not including our lovely new toll bridges which easily cost commuters an additional $150 per month or $1800 per annum to commute to work!

  • baby simon

    If you have a better job and better pay, stay there.

  • hungryfornews

    Come to Timmins Ontario. A number of opportunities in mining, IT, medical, retail & hospitality. Visit for more info. The City is immigrant friendly.

  • vandana amin23

    The best way to get job in Canada is doing skill update. I came to this country few years ago, updated my skills for one year, doing part time jobs in 2 places to pay fees, and got into a good job in accounting , however I was recently laid off. The job market is much tougher now then it was few years ago. I got few interviews and job offers aswell, however all paying lower than what I was getting.. I wonder what I should do? Should I take a lower paying job or wait for the right opportunity? or once again update my skills..

  • bhvnicely .

    I am a born and raised Canadian, and the job market is brutal. I am an educated woman, yet I always need to improve my skills and keep updated, to still be employable. No one gets the perfect job with out starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. It is still a who you know world to land the ultimate job whether your canadian or a not. If your truly not happy with where your at then maybe its time to look at what you need to change and stop putting the blame on everyone else. Your the only one who can make the change…one step at a time.

  • Mark

    Hi Everyone

    Please someone could be honest with me and let me know if i can take my lovely family to Canada and get a decent life ? My wife is Early childhood Teacher with 6 years experienced ( 50 years old) graduated in New Zealand University, Diploma and Bachelor Degree . I have read all those negative comments and about Canada , Country that i would love to finish my days ( i am 59 years old) working as Tour Guide / Coach driver or whatever ,,most important will be my wife get a successful job. So please could anyone tell if we have any chance over there and Canadian people is really discriminate people ? Please who kindly and honestly wanna help me, send to my email any comments could help us. email : , I will appreciate a lots. Good bless you!

  • Biljana

    My parents & I came to this country 22 years ago from Serbia. We lived in areas and buildings which would be deemed “ghetto”. Both of them worked their asses off for years before being able to scrounge together a down payment for a mortgage for our very first house. Here we are 22 years later with over 1 million dollars in equity between two properties & a business.

    Please don’t even try & bash this country. Every opportunity is afforded to you, it all depends on what you choose to do with the freedom of choice.

  • Dizel

    Not to be rude, but there are many Canadian citizen’s who don’t have a jobs as well, many born Canadian’s who don’t have a job either. Coming to Canada doesn’t promise you a job, it is a better country to live in, I’m sure you have our health care thou, something you didn’t have back in your country. If you find living in Canada is hard by all means then do go back home. I am sick and tired of people complaining about Canada when they move here. I have been at my job for 10 years, we have been on a 5 year pay freeze, with no expecations of ever coming off, they have taken away our benefits, and bonus checks, however the boss bought a Porsche so, we can’t be in that bad of a state, the director just bought a million dollar house and showing off, but us employee’s are struggling day to day cause the cost of living keeps going up.