Sad, Stressed CEO

The downside of being the boss

Christina Bruce|

It can be a lonely world at the top.

NewResearch out of the US by RHR International examined 83 CEOs of large public and private companies to get the inside scoop on how they really feel about their jobs.

While 83% of respondents felt confident and prepared for the position, 54% felt the job requirements were very different from what they expected. For rookies, that number jumped to 70%. Interestingly, loneliness and lack of feedback were reported as the biggest factors impacting their ability to perform their jobs.

Another cause of stress was the possibility of losing the coveted position itself. Of those surveyed, 21% expressed concern over the speed of change in their industry, and another 38% noted the state of the economy, which is particularly understandable. But I can’t help wonder: does anybody really think being a CEO won’t be stressful?

Stressed and lonely as it may be, 98% of CEOs reported good relationships with their boards, and believe that the directors support their decisions. In fact, 59% of respondents felt the board was their most helpful source of feedback.

What can you take from this if you’re working in the C-Suite? Be frank and direct with the person in charge—your opinion may be valued even more than you thought.

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