Stressed Businessman

What’s stressing the staff?

Christina Bruce|

How productive are you when you’re stressed ? The same goes for employees. A happy, healthy workforce has been definitively linked to higher profits. So it’s worthwhile investigating what’s stressing out your staff.

A new study conducted by Harris Interactive found that employees reported themselves overwhelmingly (almost 75% of respondents) as being stressed out about work.

For the second year in a row, low pay was ranked as the biggest source of stress. What else is bothering workers? The top five responses were:

  • Low Pay 11%
  • Annoying Coworkers 10%
  • Commuting 9%
  • Unreasonable Workload 9%
  • Working in a job that is not their chosen career 8%

Interesting to note was that among college graduates, the biggest stress was not cited as low pay, but rather an unreasonable workload (13%).

The positive news is that many of these factors can be managed through management techniques and company policies, as we discussed in this previous Workopolis article about retaining top talent.

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