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Why talkative women lose out in management

Christina Bruce|

Team leaders are typically confident and extroverted. But if you’re the boss, and you happen to be a woman, you might want to keep your mouth shut to get the respect of your team. At least that is what some new research suggests about the perception of male vs. females bosses.

The study out of the Yale University found that talkative men are perceived as better leaders than extroverted women, who are seen as “chatty”.

Participants were asked to read a fictitious story about a CEO, described as either a “talkative man, a talkative woman, a quiet man or a quiet woman,” and then rate how they perceived their competency. Although the exact same narrative, talkative females were rated as significantly less competent than quiet females. For males, the opposite effect occurred, with talkative males ranked as more suited to lead the group.

So what accounts for this difference? “When men talk a lot and they have power, people want to reward them either by hiring them, voting for them, or just giving them more power and responsibility at work. But when women do it, they are seen as being too domineering, too presumptuous. Women perceive this, and that’s why they temper how much they talk,” Victoria Brescoll, the study’s author, told Business Insider.

The study also found that the bias was equally as present in both men and women.

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