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Post a job locally or nationally to target your ideal audience. Connect with candidates wherever they are online. Hire with ease by posting on Workopolis.
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Connect with candidates fast

Expose your opportunity to more candidates, and you’ll  find more candidates who are right for your business.

1.5 million high-quality candidates visit Workopolis every month. Find out how easily you can reach top local talent.

Posting is simple

Post in minutes with helpful resources that can guide you through the process. Plus, you can filter candidates and manage applications online with your Workopolis account.

Get better results

Post a job and we tell you exactly how candidates respond to it.  Job Performance Reports are unique results that come free with every posting, so you can make sure get the most out of your purchase.

Directly reach the people you need 

Job Alerts send postings directly to the inboxes of candidates who request them. Our Mobile Site lets candidates browse on-the-go, and our Facebook App sends your job postings there too.

Find higher quality candidates

A job search here is private. No public profiles. No newsfeeds. So people feel comfortable using Workopolis to explore new career options. More than half our visitors are currently employed*, so you won’t miss out on those in-demand, passive candidates.

We're Canadian

We keep our focus on Canada—because we’re Canadians. This means we tailor our products, services, and advice for the market right here. And real people answer the phone if you call customer service. Nice, helpful people. We believe in that too.

* Workopolis Internal Data
** Comscore, 2012 

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  • More than half our visitors are in-demand and currently employed *

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