Do you need professional resume help? Are you unsure of how to write a resume? Let our partners at Hirepower help refine your resume and highlight your skills and experience in a way that will get the attention of prospective employers.

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How Resume Rescue works:

  1. Send an email (by clicking the button below) with your name, email address, industry and phone number and be sure to attach a copy of your current resume in Word or plain text format. You will be contacted within 2 business days to schedule a 30-minute conversation on your background and accomplishments, and to provide payment information to Hirepower.
  2. After your conversation with the Hirepower career expert, you will receive a tailored resume within 4-5 business days tracking recommended enhancements from the resume writers.
  3. Lastly, with your revised resume you will receive tips on how to write a resume and interviews, for the next stage of your career search.

Resume Pricing

  • Entry-level resume (less than 5 years experience) $99 + GST
  • Standard resume (5- 10 years experience) $145 + GST
  • Senior resume (10-15 years of experience) $190 + GST
  • NEW! Executive Resume (15+ years of experience) $299 + GST

Other services offered by Hirepower:

  • NEW! Cover Letter Service $75
    Hirepower will write a one -page cover letter to be included when you forward your resume to prospective employers. You can use your new cover letter as a template and tailor it to the various positions that you apply to.
  • NEW! Career Coaching Services
    1:1 Career Coaching conducted over the phone with an HR and Career expert on an area of your choice: interviewing skills, self-marketing, negotiating your salary, etc.
    • 1 hour $135
    • 2 hours $260

*Payment can be made by accepted credit cards (Visa or MasterCard)

The HR and career experts at Hirepower have helped thousands of people showcase their skills. Here is what some of our recent Resume Rescue clients have to say:

My resume looks amazing, and I'm speechless at the way you've described some of my achievements! I'm really very pleased.

I'm very impressed with the profile sfection - it makes me consider myself and my skills in a completely different light, and I think I can be taken seriously outside of my field. Thank you for your help!

Karen, Ontario

The Resume Rescue Consultant was great to work with. She asked me a lot of relevant questions I hadn’t thought of myself. Her questions got me thinking about what I actually do in my job, and how it can be expressed in the resume. She also answered all my questions about resume writing, and what a strong resume should contain.

I really like my new resume, it looks really good and it flows much better than my old one. It is a much more personal resume, it speaks more about me, and it is very friendly to read...

Connie, British Columbia

Who are our resume writing experts?

Hirepower is a team of Human Resources professionals with more than 17 years of professional resume writing experience and a strong reputation for excellence in the resume services that they provide. Click here for more information.