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3 in 5 Canadians use Workopolis, making it one of the country’s largest networks of active seekers. We also share our job postings with 1.5 million seekers daily via email, and through our network of partner sites.

Unmatched reach
Valuable tools

Valuable tools

The Recruitment Centre is your all-in-one hiring dashboard. Use it to:

  • Manage job postings
  • Sort and track applicants
  • Search our resume database for more qualified seekers

Targeted searches

Posting a hard-to-fill or specialized role? Fine-tune your search by posting through our network of professional associations. Reach the right seekers in one of 13 speciality industries.

Targeted searches

Find great people in 4 simple steps


Post your job

Start your 4-day free trial* to see how Workopolis can help you find the right candidates. Job postings are pushed throughout our network of partner sites across Canada.


Expand your reach

If you’re posting a hard-to-fill or highly specialized role, use our specialized industry network to target qualified job seekers in your industry.


Screen your candidates

Use the Recruitment Centre to view, sort, and track your applications from one convenient place. Search millions of seekers using the Resume Database to find even more qualified talent.


Make the hire

With job slots, closing an active job posting will open up a space for a new one – so you can get started filling your next role right away.

Whatever your hiring needs, we’ve got you covered.

Job slots

Job slots

Switch postings in and out of reserved slots as needed.

Single job posting

Single job posting

Post a single job for 30 days, with a one-time fee.



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Questions? We have answers

What is a job slot?

A job slot is a reserved space for a live posting on Workopolis. Each job slot you have is space for one job posting. When you purchase a job slot, you can switch jobs in and out of that space as many times as you need.

What is included in a job slot subscription?

Each job slot includes your company logo shown alongside your job posting title in search results. Your subscription also includes job alerts, and access to the Recruitment Centre.

Can I post a bilingual job posting?

Yes. Simply click “Bilingual Job Posting” when you are inputting the job title and description. This will allow you to complete both the English and French version of your posting.

What is included in a single job posting?

A single job posting includes job alerts, and access to the Recruitment Centre.

How long will my job posting remain live on Workopolis?

The standard length of a Workopolis job posting is 30 days.

What is your specialized industry network?

Workopolis’ specialized industry network includes industry associations in sectors like engineering, healthcare, and more. Using the network when you post a hard-to-fill role lets you target qualified job seekers in your specific industry, quickly and easily.

What is the Recruitment Centre?

The Recruitment Centre is an all-in-one dashboard that you can use to post jobs, manage applicants and postings, and search millions of resumes – in one convenient place.

What is the Resume Database?

Our Resume Database includes millions of resumes from potential candidates, with over 1,000 more being added every day. Our intuitive search engine lets you find top talent for your next role – before they even apply.

What is a job alert?

We email job postings directly to qualified candidates that match the skills and experience you’re looking for. 694,000 job alerts are sent to 1.5 million seekers daily.

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