BFF, PEC Dog Handler
Prince Edward, ON

Smelly cars, poopy hands and peed-on shoes, oh my!

Do you enjoy spending your days picking up dog poop and working in the pouring rain? If this all sounds amazing to you, then you’re the special kind of person that we covet the most! One of us!

Did we forget to mention you also get to work with beautiful, snuggly, loving dogs all day? Or that part of your job literally entails playing with them for pay? That BFF is Toronto’s Best Dog Daycare and we have the Top Choice Award for 2019 to prove it? That we value our employees and constantly invest in their well being, safety and work-life balance? We probably should have led with that, but hey, we’re pet experts, not job description experts, so what did you expect?

Oh, and we should probably also mention that more than 60% of the time, the sky is blue, the sun is shining and the air is fresh. We should also add that sunshine, smiling pups, wagging tails and fresh air are what most of your days will include, but don’t let that dissuade you from applying, you’ll still get to pick up lots of poop on those days too. Some of it might even be that weird white poop that no one can explain. You’re so lucky!

If you’re considering leaving the comfort of your office, don’t feel bad, we’ve also experienced the joy of working in padded cubes. Breathing that incredible recycled-office-air, getting the flu three or four times a season, and listening to our co-workers say for the 2 millionth time, ‘I’m soooo done with winter’. And we know it can seem impossible to ever find that kind of happiness in another role. Just don’t think about all those big-box birthday cakes waiting for you at 3pm on a Wednesday, all cut up and pushed around after the birthday announcement you missed at 10am that morning; because that may just be too difficult to pass up. (Insert uncontrollably watering mouth here!)

How do you get in on the hot action that is BFF?

For starters, you don’t need a car, and you don’t need to be professionally trained. Our hiring philosophy is that we can teach you to safely handle and care for animals, but we can’t teach you to be empathetic, ethically motivated, highly-energy, charismatic and passionate about animals. So, if you already possess these inherent traits then you may already be a qualified candidate and we would love to meet you.

Every member of the BFF team is kind, creative and considerate; and our people are what make us special and Toronto’s number one pet care company.

Why else might you want to work for BFF? Here are just a few reasons:

  • Winner of the Top Choice Award for Best Dog Daycare in Toronto, 2019.
  • Experienced professionals will train you, guide you and support you as you learn and grow with our team.
  • Enjoy vertical growth opportunity for those that are looking to establish or continue their career working with animals.
  • Work outside in the fresh air with dogs in beautiful Prince Edward County.
  • Earn a very competitive hourly wage.
  • You will also enjoy flexible working arrangements and the option to work weekends instead of all weekdays. Because let’s face it, doing groceries on Tuesday afternoon is WAY better than doing them on Saturday morning.
  • Work with only, the safest and most well-balanced pups from Toronto & the County. Our zero tolerance policy ensures you will never have to handle or work with an unsafe or unpredictable pup.
  • Enjoy access to our beautiful 10 acre ranch in stunning Prince Edward County.

Do we have a preference for who we hire? Kind of.

Preference will be given to those that can meet some or all of the below descriptions…just preference though so if you don’t have the below don’t worry, you’ll still get your chance to shine.

  • Vehicle is not required but we'll be able to provide you with more opportunity if you do have one!
  • You are able to work from 1-2/week or about 8-20 hours weekly.

Feel free to include a cover letter that outlines why you’re a great fit with BFF if you think it will help.
Our hiring process has 3 steps and begins with a phone conversation, then a face to face meeting, and finishes with a short practical interview where you can show off your pup-handling skills. This is where you can really shine!

Your poopy future awaits, apply today!

Job Type: Part-time


  • Animal: 1 year (Preferred)


  • G2 or G (Preferred)