UNIQAIR Technologies Ltd.
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UNIQAIR Technologies Ltd.

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We are a small but successful and growing clean-tech company developing, manufacturing and marketing the world’s most technically advanced patented cold plasma systems for sustainable air purification without any chemicals, water or waste. Currently we are looking for ambitious talent with a professional enthusiastic attitude that is willing to learn and to make a positive contribution to the world and our business growth.

Company info Uniqair Technologies Ltd.:

For industries (Feed, Food, Pet Food, Rendering, Waste Water Treatment, etc) world-wide, Uniqair Technologies Ltd. develops and supplies advanced and innovative cold plasma oxidizers. Our clients are some of the worlds most respected Fortune 100 companies like Nestle, Cargill, etc. We specialize on controlling industrial stack odour emissions sustainable and carbon neutral. Unlike incinerators, bio-filters or chemical scrubbers, our Plasma-Injector systems do not use any chemicals or water and do not generate any waste. We also provide the Uniqair Partner Program with rental services of the Plasma Reactors, remote modem monitoring and our 25-year warrantee program. Uniqair Technologies Ltd. company activities include Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Pilot testing, Consultancy, Sales and Service from our modern office, lab and warehouse located in an attractive area in Chilliwack (BC), Canada. Sales via our sales/service network mainly to N-America.

Job info:

We offer an environment where you can express your creative ideas and talents by working on a variety of industrial markets for odour control. You will work from our corporate office as well as travel to client facilities mainly in the USA but also worldwide to present our odour control solutions. Using our patented Venturi-Plasma cold plasma technology, you will work directly with clients to solve their most complex stack odour control problems with state-of-the-art high power 3kW to 100kW, high frequency 30,000Hz discharge cold plasma. Most of our systems treat airflows containing contaminants with low ppm and high odour concentration (ou/m3) from 10,000 m3/h to 200,000 m3/h. Most projects range from $200,000.00 to $2,000.000,00


- Sales through targeted outbound prospecting: schedule web demos, surveys, perform sales presentations in a professional manner and work out proposals as a product specialist with understanding of physics and chemical processes.

- Organize website, news-letter, sales documentation, manage online sales/promotion platforms, email blasts and trade shows.

- Manage a sales-funnel to prospects: work out details of the marketing plan including strategies for improving KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators).

- Product development and R&D: plan and assist product improvement (efficiency, reliability, new applications, etc.), collect application know-how, perform pilot testing and customer service visits at site.

- Follow up on new leads in a timely and professional manner: analyze client’s often complex technical needs, with an understanding of their process and operations. Communicate professionally direct with customers at highest management levels: plant managers, environmental managers and technical managers including large top-500 world leading companies.

- Train, supervise and support our staff incl. project engineering and warehouse. Support network of agents and partners in the America’s. Maintain sales training materials.

- Reporting on sales metrics: managing the sales administration process with detailed and accurate sales activity information to your manager. Track and input all activity in CRM; maintain accurate records of sales calls, prospect interactions, client files and sales activity information .

- Create comprehensive proposals: quotations for Plasma-Injector systems usually range from $200,000.00 to $2,000,000.00 and quotations include the lease of our Plasma Reactors. Perfection is required of all technical, commercial and legal details.

- Demonstrate thorough knowledge of Plasma-Injector: remain knowledgeable and up-to-date on product features, Plasma-Injector application know-how, industry changes, and competitive landscape.

- Study internal: literature/patents, odor control/testing technologies, process technologies,

- Study external: sales/marketing and business management,

Job Requirements:

- 4+ years experience with industrial equipment in process industries in a similar Product/Sales Engineer/Manager role

- Proven to be successful in direct industrial sales to process industries: you are able to initiate contacts, understand the problem, propose solutions and you are able to make sales happen by your own after 6 to 12 months training

- Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering

- Exceptional verbal and written communication skills

- Excellent customer relations and interpersonal skills

- Ability to define customer specifications and needs in order to specify and quote an engineered system

- Proven sense of urgency towards customer service and business development

- Willing to travel 20% up to 50% of your time and visit customers worldwide economy+ class (usually 2-4 days, sometimes max 1 or 2 weeks) for sales, pilot testing and trade shows

- Excellent command of MS Office products and CRM software

- Professional and fluent English communicating skills in writing, speaking and understanding. Spanish is an asset.

- Ambitious and enthusiastic professional attitude, willing to learn and study to be successful and make promotion to a management position

- Driver’s license.


Uniqair offers competitive comprehensive benefits including:

- Bonus program

- Automobile and travel cost reimbursed

- Medical Insurance (medical benefits package after three months)

- Dental Insurance

- Vision Insurance

- Short Term Disability * Long Term Disability

- Life/AD Insurance

- Pension Plan

- Flex Work Schedule

- Stat Holidays

- Paid Time Off (PTO) starting 15 days per year plus 1-day annual increase

- Optional Flex Vacation

- Employee Training and Development

- Professional License, Certificates and Registrations

- Professional Organization Memberships, APEG Professional dues reimbursed

- Ability to work in a casual, expanding and high-tech environment with room for growth

- We value our employees and everyone has a voice in the organization.

About us:

Cutting-Edge Cold Plasma Sustainable Odor Control for Process Industries.

Based on its long experience as the originators of cold plasma injection for process industries, Uniqair has developed the world’s most advanced Plasma-InjectorTM stack odor control solution with their patented Venturi-PlasmaTMtechnology with 25 year warranty.


Enabling legal compliance and continuity of the production process with sustainable odor control: controlling odors from processes as drying, cooling and air conveyance with the industry leading cold plasma solution through knowledge, quality & service. Unlike incinerators (RTO) or chemical scrubbers or bio-systems the Plasma-Injector is a sustainable oxidizer that controls odors without any chemicals, water or waste.

Key to success

Unlike other cold plasma systems, the patented Venturi-PlasmaTM technology is:

- self-cleaning,

- most reliable and efficient withpatented high frequency 30kHz Venturi-Plasma,

- provided with our 25 year warranty program.

Other cold plasma systems are either packed-bed injection or in-line plasma reactors that are quickly contaminated with fine dust or vapor in the plasma reactors and need to be exchanged or cleaned often or performance can become unreliable. The Venturi-PlasmaTM Technology works with modular venturi-shaped narrow gap plasma reactors. Plasma is created in the venturi with very high air speed to create turbulent plasma for a more efficient, clean and reliable plasma process.

Company mission

The mission of Uniqair: exceeding customers expectation with leading innovation as a key driver and unmatched customer service with the Uniqair 25 year warranty program. Research, engineering, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service from the headquarters in Canada.

What makes Uniqair unique

R&D at Uniqair is the key driver and at the forefront of cold plasma innovation. Our experience started 25 years ago with the world’s first cold plasma systems for the process industry. Nowadays many are copying the “cold plasma” as a solution to all problems without fully understanding the cold plasma process. Uniqair has introduced new innovations every year with major milestones:

  • Venturi-PlasmaTM Technology: efficient and reliable in Plasma Reactor Cylinders.
  • Modular and compact 3kW Plasma Reactor Cylinder and power supply units for easy maintenance: one model for all Plasma-Injector systems, available from 3kW to 60kW step 3kW.
  • High frequency plasma reactors up to 30 kHz for energy efficient and compact systems with almost zero noise as the sound is above human detection level.
  • CPC: Constant Power Control for constant odor control independent of process conditions as humidity, temperature etc.
  • Variable Plasma Control 0-100% step 1% to reduce energy (night times for example) or to increase energy when a process or recipe’s are processed with high odor emissions.
  • Plasma-Injector system warranty 25 year program: guaranteed constant operational cost, long lifetime and long term Uniqair commitment.

Future odor control projects

Leading top-100 companies have been rolling out Uniqair systems in their plants, but more smaller companies are becoming interested and go above and beyond to be responsible for the communities they serve. In the past the need for odor control was often driven by legal compliance. Now, due to urbanization, environmental awareness, education and communities quickly adapting social media tools, process industries are increasingly looking for sustainable and economical solutions to prevent their surrounding community from complaining about their odor emissions before odor complaints are spiraling out of control and authorities get involved. Also the latest Venturi-PlasmaTMcold plasma technology can replace scrubbers and RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidation) systems to reduce cost of chemicals, energy, NOx emissions and carbon footprint. Uniqair has the latest technology and will lead the future to control odors sustainably and reliably.

25 Year Warranty

With the 25 year warranty program that includes not only eco-friendly regeneration of the plasma reactor cylinders but also updating the reactors with the latest innovations over time, a cooperation and commitment with the customer is created for long term partnership. Odors around the plant can negatively affect publicity and property values but most importantly can affect brand recognition and continuity of the company; only the best solution is good enough.

UNIQAIR Technologies Ltd.

305 - 43881 Progress Way,

Vancouver-Chilliwack (BC),


Tel.: (+1) 604 854 5628

Fax: (+1) 604 854 5620

E-mail: info at


Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $70,000.00 to $150,000.00 /year


  • process equipment sales: 3 years (Required)
  • sales support: 2 years (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's Degree (Required)


  • Abbotsford, BC (Preferred)


  • English (Required)