Client Service Assistant (CSA)
Abbington Financial Group
Hamilton, ON
Work Location The work location will be at Abbington
® Financial Group and Jeffrey Sindall’s office at 662 Upper James
Street (near Fennell Avenue) in Hamilton, Ontario. The CSA will also visit clients at their homes,
workplaces, or public locations. Attendance at occasional special functions and seminars at
different locations is also expected.
Employer The owner of Abbington Financial Group is Jeffrey Sindall, Financial Advisor. Existing services for
clients include personal financial reviews, mutual funds and other investments, residential mortgages, personal income tax preparation (including for sole-proprietorship businesses), and insurance (including
life, disability and critical illness). This position is in a small office and will develop and grow with the
overall business. More information is at Start Date Available Now.
Opportunity Here are the starting and possible future positions for the Employee:
1. Client Service Assistant prepare tax returns, assist with other services (not licensed)
2. Client Service Representative prepare tax returns, licensed Representative for other services
3. Tax Services Office Manager
4. Administrative Assistant / Office Coordinator
5. Education & Appreciation Coordinator (Marketing including Social Media)
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Job Description – Client Service Representative (continued)
The employee must possess and maintain the following personal skills and qualities:
  • honesty, integrity and respect for client privacy and confidentiality
  • accurate typing, data entry and general computer skills
  • attention to detail and well organized activity logging
  • a professional and conservative appearance
  • an outgoing, respectfully pleasant attitude and a desire to help people
  • professional telephone skills and proper grammar when speaking and writing
  • ability to follow instructions and ask for assistance when needed
  • ability to take initiative and problem solve
  • ability to prioritize and accomplish multiple concurrent tasks
Duties The position will require the use of the following office equipment:
  • computer with printer - office telephone
  • multi-function copier/scanner/fax - employer owned cell (smart) phone
  • other general office equipment & supplies
The employee will be required to use the following computer programs productively:
  • Windows File Management, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Chrome Internet Browser
  • Microsoft: Word, Excel, Outlook (Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks), and Picture Manager
  • Univeris (Mutual Fund Processing and Client Information System)
  • Profile T1 Tax Preparation Software, and Mortgage Application Software
  • PDF Management: Adobe Acrobat Reader and PDF Shaper
  • other programs as required (training provided)
The employee will be required to manage and complete a wide variety of tasks relating to the
businesses of Abbington Financial Group including (but not limited to):

General Duties:
  • represent Abbington Financial Group positively and very professionally in person, on the
telephone, and via written communication
  • initiate and receive client telephone calls, provide service information, schedule appointments, take
accurate messages, and maintain log notes of all communication and activity
  • meet with clients to gather and enter information to programs or forms for financial reviews and for
all business activities
  • maintain well organized and up-to-date computer and paper files for client data
  • receive, welcome and offer refreshments to clients visiting the office
  • write grammatically correct emails to clients and industry contacts on behalf of the employer
  • qualify prospective new clients using a questionnaire provided
  • run errands outside the office such as mail delivery, bank deposits, purchasing office supplies, or
even picking up lunch! (mileage will be paid to approximate actual costs)
  • take appropriate service action for incoming email
  • attend and assist with occasional functions and seminars held outside the office, sometimes during
evenings and weekends
  • prepare mailings (yes, sometimes we still fold paper and stuff envelopes)
  • assist with and eventually coordinate marketing activities such as advertising, promotional giveaways, seminars, client appreciation events, and other activities as required
  • coordinate attendance at external trade shows, conferences or education seminars
  • attend as exhibitor at shows, festivals, or at other organizations
  • read and comprehend a lot, take online courses, attend industry seminars (continuous learning)
  • ensure confidential papers are shredded before disposal
  • maintain a tidy office and kitchen supporting the “green office” concept (blue boxes, green cart)
  • other duties as requested …continued to page 3
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Job Description – Client Service Representative (continued)

Specific Duties Relating to Mutual Fund Business:
The Client Service Assistant is not required to be mutual funds licensed initially, though may be later.
  • maintain up-to-date accurate client information on Univeris computer program
  • meet with clients to collect and enter data for Financial Reviews
  • prepare new account applications and many different types of forms for client
signature, Advisor signature, and Regional Branch Manager approval
  • follow-up and problem solve transaction processing to ensure accurate completion
  • the non-licensed CSA shall not provide advice or act in furtherance of a transaction
Specific Duties Relating to Income Tax Business:
The CSA is expected to prepare T1 tax returns professionally from start to finish using Profile, and:
  • prepare information for clients to promote the income tax service
  • answer general client questions regarding income tax preparation service
  • help maintain a log of initiated and completed tax returns
  • ask for, receive, and log payment for services rendered
  • use CRA “Represent a Client” extensively and other online resources
  • sort, scan and save tax slips and print/provide tax returns for clients according to guidelines
Specific Duties Relating to Mortgage Business:
The CSA is expected to gather all information from clients for their mortgage application but not provide
advice regarding mortgages to clients unless licensed accordingly.
  • adhere to and inform clients of the mortgage application process guidelines provided
  • gather identification and statements for proof of income and proof of assets and debts
  • assist with processing mortgage applications and doing follow-up
Specific Duties Relating to Insurance Business:
The CSA shall support the insurance business by conducting financial reviews and gathering information
sufficient for the Employer to make insurance recommendations.
  • assist with processing insurance applications and doing follow-up
  • delivering policies to clients and acquiring client signature on a delivery receipt
Jeffrey Sindall and other representatives may also participate in outside organizations, so the Employee
may be requested to assist with these activities during the employee’s paid working hours.
Hiring Timeline The first interviews will be by telephone as resumes are received. In-person interviews will follow at
Abbington Financial Group and will include testing for financial knowledge. This position will be
considered filled upon the signing of an Employment Agreement with a successful candidate.
How to Apply Only qualified candidates meeting the prerequisites should apply with their resume and cover letter
confirming the prerequisites are met and explaining why they are suitable for this position.
In Person / By Mail: Jeffrey Sindall
Abbington Financial Group
662 Upper James Street
Hamilton, Ontario, L9C 2Z3
by Fax: 905-389-0345
by Email sent from the applicant's own email address:
NOTE: For security reasons we do not accept emails, especially zip files, from third party
job websites with which we did not post the job description and are not familiar.
References References will be requested at the end of a successful in-person interview.