Gladue Writer
Ontario Native Women's Association
Ottawa, ON

The Gladue Writer will ensure accountability of the program operation and deliverables. They will coordinate and develop the services of the Gladue Program internally and externally that support Indigenous woman. The Gladue Writer will further provide ongoing awareness of the Gladue Program and provide written reports for Indigenous women that identify systemic or historical factors to assist Indigenous Women before the courts and assist in identifying ways to address these.

Minimum diploma/degree in Journalism/ Law/or Social Sciences, coupled with a minimum of three (3) to five (5) years working experience in a writing role for Indigenous Peoples.
Three (3) to five (5) years working experience within the justice sector; A strong understanding of Indigenous peoples’ cultures, communities and diversity of nations.
Proven working experience in supporting and advocating for Indigenous Women and their families.
Solid understanding of the systemic barriers and historical factors Indigenous Women face.
Working knowledge of local culturally grounded supports and services available for Indigenous women.
Successful working experience influencing, changing, affecting, impacting law as it relates to Indigenous Women.
Proven ability to bring creative and progressive ideas to the table in support of Indigenous Women impacted by current law.
Self-motivated and confident in making sound decisions.
Exceptional written communication skills and attention to detail.
Strong organizational, project management and time management skills.
Ability to meet deadlines and adapt to changing priorities.
Positive, collaborative and team oriented attitude.
Able to manage and prioritize many conflicting priorities simultaneously.
Strong connection to other social service providers within the community that relate to this position.
Candidate must be willing to work flexible hours as needed.
Must be dependable, able to follow instructions, respond to management direction and be able to improve performance through management feedback.
Capacity to solve problems and to see different perspectives.
Ability to plan, organize and manage time effectively.
Highly motivated individual with the ability to work with minimal supervision.
Excellent organizational and communication skills and an ability to follow through on assigned duties independently with strict deadlines.
Knowledge of Not-For Profit Organizations
Proficient working knowledge of MS Office Software, internet, and general office equipment.
Ability to travel.
Reliable vehicle, appropriate vehicle insurance coverage and valid Ontario “G” class driver’s license.
Current, valid vulnerable sector criminal records check. Valid 1st Aid/CPR
Knowledge of Indigenous Culture, Traditions, and Indigenous Community
Ability to speak an Indigenous Language is considered an asset.

1. To meet with Community Members to interview, research and write Gladue Reports through an Indigenous woman’s lens.

2. Coordinate the facilitation of the Gladue Report.

3. Work in collaboration with After Care Worker(s) for the betterment of Community Members.

4. To assist with the development and maintenance of the Referral Guidelines and work in collaboration with the After Care Worker(s) to ensure continuance of services to support the Community Members.

5. To maintain and enhance partnerships with judicial and community resources in the implementation, development and maintenance of the Gladue Writer program through collaborative efforts.

6. To receive appropriate referrals on behalf of program Community Members and maintain all Community Member files in accordance with organizational and program requirements.

7. To liaise with Indigenous and non-Indigenous resource/service providers and After Care Workers to ensure continuance of service.

8. Meet with necessary justice personnel in the development of referral protocols (i.e. Crown Attorneys, Defence Bar and Judges).

9. Maintain collaborative working relationships with the local justice personnel (Judges, Justice of the Peace, Duty Counsel, Defence Lawyers and Crown Attorneys) in the advocacy of the Gladue program.

10. Prepare and submit all reports as required including annual submission, quarterly and annual reports in accordance with program and organizational requirements in a timely manner.

11. Provide regular updates on overall program operation including program updates to Community Members, Indigenous and Non-Indigenous service providers, justice personnel and the ONWA.

12. Undertake program promotion and awareness (staff training, newsletters, media submission, community education).

13. Become knowledgeable regarding community resources (Indigenous and Non-Indigenous) available to Indigenous Community Members.

14. Prepare sentencing reports for Indigenous Community Members at the request of Defence Counsel, Crown or the Court.

15. Assist Defence Counsel or the Court with suggestions and recommendations for sentencing regarding Indigenous Community Members with backup on what works in areas of sentencing.

16. Assist/participate in evaluation exercises and seek on-going feedback of program operations. Travel as required.

17. Other duties as assigned.

Culture - Takes personal responsibility to increase sensitivity, awareness and implementation of ONWA’s cultural teachings and organizational practices in both professional conduct and work-related deliverables.
Support and work towards the overall aims and objectives of the ONWA.
Adhere to all policies and procedures.

Complete monthly reports and submit to supervisor when required.
Complete quarterly reports on or before the requested due date.
Complete reports to funders as required.
Complete and attend supervisions on a regular basis.

1. Promote the program within the community.

2. To adhere to professionalism is representing the organization at all times and maintain good communications.

1. Adhere to the Policies and Procedures as set by the ONWA

2. Representation on committees as required for the enhancement and benefits of ONWA’s programs.

3. To network and promote ONWA and all ONWA related programs. Adhere to professionalism at all times and maintain good communication.

4. Maintain professionalism at all times.

5. The completion of functions outlined in the description and the achievement of goals set to a high level.

6. Attendance and conduct at work according to the requirements of the Association’s Personnel Policy.

7. Adherence to the Code of Ethics, and positive relationship building.

To execute duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description.

The Gladue Writer will be directly accountable to the Gladue Program Manager of Services for the proper completion of the functions outlined in the job description.