Primary Counsellor
GreeneStone Muskoka
Bala, ON
The Primary Counsellor provides for the assessment and case management of residents with addiction and co-occurring disorders.

They provide all the basic therapeutic services required by residents during their treatment experience. The Primary Counsellor acts as a catalyst in the therapeutic process. A professional demeanor and the ability to communicate effectively with residents, family members, referents, and co-workers are required. The ability to maintain confidentiality of information is essential.

Experience / Education / Qualifications:
Bachelor’s or Masters Degree Preferred. EXPERIENCE: Masters Degree in Human Services (counselling, social work, nursing) with a minimum 3 years clinical experience dealing with addiction/mental health, or Bachelors Degree in Human Services with 5 years clinical experience. Training in a related health field preferred. If individual only has a Bachelor’s Degree, then a CAC or ICADC is required
Experience in the area of facilitating group therapy required.
Knowledgeable in young adult or adult developmental issues for their respective resident populations.
There is no history of alcohol or other drug misuse for a period of three years before employment as a Primary Counsellor and does not display evidence of misuse of alcohol or drugs while employed as a Primary Counsellor.
Must have the ability to be objective and empathetic while addressing the individual needs of the respective patients, referral sources and family members.
Must be thoroughly familiar and able to demonstrate knowledge of the principles and programs of the various recovery fellowships.
Must possess the skills to adequately supervise respective populations and be able to observe behaviors consistent with recovery principles
Must be able to present educational lectures related to addiction.
Must have the ability to provide leadership under stressful or crisis situations. Ability to problem-solve and to meet deadlines and establish and prioritize multiple tasks.
Must demonstrate ethical behavior and sound judgment that supports the GreeneStone standards of care.
Must maintain certifications and licensure as appropriate
To apply for this position please send your resume with a cover letter to