Dog Walking
Spot Dog Walking
Burlington, ON

You must fill out the online application at

Spot is hiring fast! We review applications almost daily and can have new walkers on the road earning $$$ in just 3-days!

** We can only hire candidates who apply using the online application (link above) **

Spot is a mobile app that provides on-demand dog walking, and we're launching from Toronto to Burlington on May 25th! Walkers set their own hours and walking radius, and are then scheduled for dog walks with little management required… it’s an incredibly simple, and enjoyable way to make money!

We have several walkers in Calgary who earn more than $500/week, and expect Toronto business to pick up quickly!
Pay is:

$10 - 15min walk
$12 - 30min walk
$14 - 45min walk
$16 - 60min walk
$3 - per extra dog

It’s safe & easy:
Walks are all private - you are not walking multiple dogs at once
Walks are all on-leash - you are always in control
Walks are all door-to-door - you are not transporting any dogs in your vehicle
Walks are all insured - you are not responsible if something goes wrong (claim free for 3 years)

Candidates must:

- Be trustworthy
- Have a customer focused mentality
- Be comfortable walking a variety of dog breeds
- Have access to a smart phone and data plan
- Have excellent time management and navigational skills

***You must fill out the online application at***

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary