Officer, Zone Resource Planning
Canada Post - Postes Canada
Winnipeg, MB
Job Requisition Id: 17473
Business Function: Operations Support
Primary City: WINNIPEG

Other Location(s):
Province: Manitoba
Employment Type: Full-Time
Employment Status: Permanent
Language Requirement: English Essential
Employee Class and Level: OP 01
Working Hours: 0700-15:00
Number of Vacancies: 1
Job Closing Date (dd/mm/yyyy): 02/05/2019

Job Description

The Officer, Zone Resource Planning coordinates the activities related to daily and weekly staffing for a specific grouping of delivery facilities. This job’s primary responsibility is to ensure that all delivery routes are covered using the most efficient distribution of labour resources while respecting all process requirements and the obligations of the various applicable Collective Agreements; works to ensure that all labour resources engaged in delivery operations are properly utilized and optimized across facilities on a daily basis to provide service at the lowest possible costs. Monitors and maintains adequate relief requirements; monitors and recommends the granting of compensatory time and day in lieu leave and calling and allocating temporary employees as needed to meet operational obligations while maintaining costs within defined budget limits. This job requires a thorough knowledge of delivery operations and the various current collective agreements applicable in mail operations, and may require working on evening or night shifts or weekends from time to time.

Job Responsibilities

Below are the main job requirements and responsibilities for the Officer, Zone Resource Planning.

Monitors daily staff levels in the delivery facilities within his/her jurisdiction and coordinates the assignment of additional labour resources needed to achieve delivery to all points of call at the lowest possible cost. This includes assignment of regular relief, extension of part-time hours, overtime and use of temporary employees.

Manages the balancing of relief employees in both APOC and CUPW, and the calling and assignment of temporary employees to the delivery facilities within his/her jurisdiction.

Ensures that necessary documentation and all data related to the assignments made are completed and entered into corporate systems on a daily basis.

Audits the bar charts for relief requirements and manages the collection, compilation and verification of staffing data used to prepare these charts. Consults with Delivery Management team on a regular basis to ensure proper implementation and effective management of relief resources.

Reviews and makes recommendations on all applications for compensatory time or Alternate Day in Lieu for the facilities within his/her jurisdiction, ensuring that no extra cost is incurred as a result of providing leave beyond requirements. Monitors all leave usage in order to better plan resource allocations. Develops vacation leave schedules and monitors actual vacation leave usage against planned usage to ensure proper utilization of vacation relief.

Audits daily staffing assignments to ensure they are properly completed and reviews relief reports to identify the reasons for any unassigned hours and develops strategies to minimize future occurrences. Also ensures that proper systems procedures are followed, such as the removal of schedules from temporary employees not currently assigned to a position.
Job Responsibilities (continued)

Manages and monitors the use of temporary employees in the facilities in his/her jurisdiction and ensures that all activities and documentation related to their use, such as probationary reports and discipline, are properly completed and submitted on a timely basis.

Acts as an advisor and consultant to the local management team on matters of labour resource utilization. Uses thorough knowledge of postal operations, proficiency with analytical methods and knowledge of local delivery area to analyze and interpret data, suggesting optimum relief levels and supplementary hours options to minimize impact of labour variances on total operating costs.

Participates as a Subject Matter Expert in Union-Management consultations on vacation leave scheduling, management of temporary employees, relief complements and other issues related to daily staffing.

Maintains effective communications with Delivery Operations management team and local facilities in order to build team effectiveness.

Provides coaching and support to supervisors and superintendents to assist in their understanding of and proficiency in applying various resource options to typical delivery challenges. Acts as a liaison as required between Delivery Operations team and various support functions.

Participates in the development and implementation of contingency plans and strategies to provide adequate staffing to delivery services in unique or unusual circumstances.

Continually builds and applies own knowledge of and proficiency with current methods, tools and technologies for effective daily labour allocation and maintains up-to-date knowledge of Collection and Delivery policies and standards.


High School diploma or provincial equivalent (GED) (Equivalent Experience, may be accepted in lieu of a High School Diploma)


Minimum 1 year experience as a supervisor in collection and delivery/transportation OR Minimum 2 years’ experience working within a unionized environment
Working knowledge of Microsoft Office (i.e., understand the major features of each software application)

Other Candidate Requirements

Not Applicable


Post-secondary degree/diploma

Other Information

Safety Sensitive Positions
This position may be considered a Safety Sensitive position.

Employment Equity
Canada Post is committed to employment equity and encourages applications from women, Aboriginal people, persons with disabilities and visible minorities.

Conflict of Interest
The Conflict of Interest Policy prohibits employees from hiring, supervising or reporting to, directly or indirectly via the reporting hierarchy, their immediate family or close personal relations. Should you feel that you may be in an actual or potential Conflict of Interest in regard to this job opportunity, you must communicate with the designated Human Resources representative.

If you are contacted by Canada Post regarding a job opportunity or testing, please advise if you require accommodation.

Important Message
Your application must clearly demonstrate how you meet the requirements as Canada Post cannot make assumptions about your education and experience. We thank all those who apply. Only those selected for further consideration will be contacted.

Leadership Behaviours
Decision Making – A champion of the organization who takes calculated risks and makes prudent, common sense decisions about current issues, future opportunities and resource requirements in a timely, well thought out manner, that aligns with the corporation's best interests.
Accountability – An individual who strives for performance excellence and who holds him/herself and direct reports accountable for decisions and actions and for learning from mistakes when intended results are not achieved.
Business Orientation – A proactive individual who understands the competitive nature of the business, and is committed to sustaining the business through excellent customer service and new business opportunities.
Execution – A focused and self-motivated individual who acts with a sense of urgency and delivers on time and within budget, by dealing effectively with challenges and ambiguous situations.
Leading People – A compelling communicator and leader who engages, motivates and inspires others to achieve results and who encourages personal growth and finding better ways of doing things.

Our Values
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