Debug Technician
Renaissance Repair and Supply
Kanata, ON
The successful candidate will perform debug on procedures on various types of telecommunication equipment with or without documentation and schematics.

Duties Will Include:
  • Adept at trouble shooting, debug and repair of sub-standard assemblies with limited documentation at the card or FRU (field replaceable unit level) on component level.
Have a strong knowledge basis of managing and debugging to the chip level, an least one of the following Nortel or other OEM platform types on:

  • Optical – strong basis of microwave RF and optical theory and its application.
  • Central Office Switching (Voice, Media, and Signaling gateways) and grasp of IP/ATM/FR protocols.
  • Nortel DMS core and series I, II, and III peripherals that include (CM, MS, ENET, LTC, DTC, LCM, TM, SPM, SDM, LIM, LIS).
  • Nortel based MG9000 media gateways cards (control, DS1, BITS, POTS) to the chip level including Utopia, Latice, and Xylinx chip sets and architectures.
  • Knowledge of hi-level software and low-level (firmware) and how it applies to logic circuits and shared peripherals.
  • Knowledge of JTAG and BDM (Background Debug Mode interface for embedded systems) and how it applies to logic circuits for programming and debugging.
  • Knowledge of analog and digital electronics, microprocessors, controllers, PIC controllers, CPLDs, FPGAs and its implementation.
Qualifications:Formal Education and Training:
  • Electronic Engineering Technologist Diploma or
  • Bachelor’s Degree (Electronic Engineering, Telecom).
  • 4-5 years relevant work experience with electronic assembly and design exposure within the telecom industry.
Other Skills and Abilities:
  • Ability to interpret schematic drawings and production documents.
  • Contribute to the development of process and procedural documents.
  • Ability to relate well with others in a team based environment.
  • Health and Safety conscious.
  • Knowledge of function and application of various related test equipment.
  • Autonomous self starter.