Pork Production Technician
Olynorth Farms LP
Falher, AB

Job Summary

Reporting to the Unit Manager, the Production Technician supports the Manager and is responsible for the overall care and maintenance of the animals in the unit and ensures that all targets are met.

General Responsibilities

· Working in all areas of the barn & ensure proper handling of stock

· Carry out all Company programs to ensure production targets are met

· Carry out feeding routine for pigs and perform routine service on feed equipment

· Provide water for animals and perform routine maintenance on water drinkers

· Handle and administer medications and vaccines according to Med. Usage Plans (or prescriptions)

· Monitor pig health, recognize signs of disorder and report concerns

· Ensure the Unit’s biosecurity protocol and Animal Welfare Codes of Practice is followed by all staff and visitors

· Operate a high pressure washer and ensure cleanliness and sanitation standards for the Unit are met

· Follow safe manure management procedure when cleaning out manure pits

· Monitor and maintain proper ventilation and temperatures using automated control system

· Ensure accurate records are kept and submitted in a timely fashion to head office

· Responsible to act safely in performing job duties at all times

· Reporting safety concerns to the safety representative and/or Unit Manager.

· Other duties as required

Education/Experience Required

· High school diploma preferred

· Prior experience in a hog barn preferred

Job Type: Full-time