Marketing Copywriter (SEO, Digital Marketing, Blogging)
Vancouver, BC
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About NiceJob
If you're great at something why do you also need to be great at marketing to make money doing it? Seems silly doesn't it. At NiceJob, we're here to fix that.

Not that long ago (just 2 years) we were just a few developers with an app that automated the collection of customer reviews. Now we're a rapidly growing startup (20% monthly recurring revenue growth every month) that serves more than a two thousand businesses across North America. Whether it's software that helps collect positive reviews, or using those reviews to get more referrals and sales, we use technology to give people products that ensure that their great work never goes unrecognized, unappreciated or unrewarded.

For the people who run their websites or local marketing on NiceJob, our app represents a solution they love. With NiceJob, skilled service providers no longer unreasonably have to also be digital marketing authorities to acquire new business.

And that's just what we're doing today. We're thinking about the future, too. With our product team working on using things like natural language processing and machine learning to be able to surface reviews at the point of purchase and automate referrals, we're reimagining how businesses influence purchase decisions. We're helping people be financially independent and able to continue to contribute to their community, their friends, and their families.

Job Summary
The most successful companies are brilliant storytellers. They can effectively engage with business, technical and consumer audiences alike, helping them understand the magic behind the products they use. Enthusiastic storytelling empowers customers to make informed decisions. It drives both awareness and usage of our products.

The Content Marketer is responsible for helping us tell that story, how we're helping them get the recognition they deserve, and helping people find great services and products. It's about creating compelling SEO optimized content to help gain attention, while supporting our sales team by generating new leads.

In this role you will be responsible for helping to build upon and implement our Content Marketing strategy, with lots of opportunity to lead some aspect of the marketing department (such as Community/PR, Advertising, Partnerships, etc).

Problems & Projects
You will be developing and exercising your skills in…

Writing social media posts as well as blog posts to boost our SEO (this will be the largest component of the role)
Writing cheat sheets, checklists, templates, and other helpful tools & lead captures
Writing ebooks, courses, quizzes for the purpose of capturing leads
Writing email newsletters & designing programmatic messages to be sent when triggered
Writing sales & marketing email sequences to support broader marketing & sales functions
Writing content for our website as well as landing pages we may use in our various campaigns.
Designing marketing funnels to capture leads & optimizing our social media strategies
Conversion rate optimization of major marketing funnels, our website and blog in particular
And being involved in other marketing functions until those roles are filled by future hire function heads
To help us tackle and build…

Our excellent reputation with our customers into a more well known phenomenon
Our marketing automation systems and SEO rankings for relevant keywords
A great customer experience
How performance will be measured...

Volume and quality of new leads generated
Organic Website traffic & SEO keyword rankings
Marketing funnel conversion rates
Who we're looking for
You are...

Someone who's looking for a company to grow with, who plans to stick around for the long term in Vancouver (and reap all the benefits that entails)
Loves writing, and can create strong, creative marketing copy.
Could be described as analytical, empathetic, creative, professional, intelligent, humble, and helpful.
Excellent written communication skills, and excellent emotional intelligence
As excited and passionate about the products we're making as we are
A willingness and ability to learn quickly, and hit the ground sprinting from day one
Meticulous attention to the details
Someone who loves to write
Someone with experience/background/education in writing marketing copy, social media marketing, and content writing.
Thorough understanding of SEO
Someone with (at minimum) bachelor's degree from a reputable school or some other formal training (eg. Coursera) in a relevant field.
And can provide...

Examples of content writing
Examples of campaigns you've worked on

Salary & Perks
$50,000-$75,000 Base Salary depending on experience plus bonuses of 10% of base salary for hitting basic KPI's
0.25% Equity (presently around $20,000 at current valuation, growing at about 20% monthly currently )
Flexible work hours (after trial period) and a Gastown office
Strong employee development (mentorship)
Ability to make an impact and have creative freedom
Great benefit package (80-100% coverage with no premiums on most things)
Unlimited paid vacation (with 2 weeks enforced minimum per year)
Fast-track career path into future leadership roles within marketing.

Proudly an Equal Opportunities Employer
At NiceJob, we don't just accept diversity — we celebrate it, we encourage it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community.

We are committed to fostering belonging through a diverse and inclusive workplace.
We do not discriminate against any race, gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity or any other demographic - instead, we celebrate diversity.
We don't ask or pay people based on what they used to make. We pay people what they're worth. To resolve this, we benchmark positions against industry rates and then beat them to attract and retain the best talent.
Lastly, we hire for culture add, not culture fit so that we can gain unique skills, viewpoints, and ultimately innovation.
About Vancouver
Gaining a reputation in recent years as a global startup and tech hub, Vancouver has become home to several large tech companies such as home-grown Hootsuite and Slack. Even Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and Google are opening up offices in the region, signalling the city's exciting future.

Local universities rank as high as top 30 in the world and provide a constant supply of high quality talent.

The diverse and accepting culture, exquisite cuisine throughout vibrant neighborhoods, the warm temperate weather, and the unlimited outdoor adventure near snow-capped mountains with breathtaking ocean views make this city not just one where people want to work, but one where they want to live.