Synthetic turf installer - Lead Hand
Rymar Synthetic Grass and Rubber
Greater Toronto Area, ON
  • The job title of the Employee will be the following: Artificial turf installer - Lead Hand. This position is for those with minimal 2 years experience in the artificial turf industry for both indoor and outdoor application.

The primary responsibility of the Construction Lead Hand is responsible for assisting the Construction Manager / Project Manager in coordinating the efforts of site construction workers and ensuring the project is completed correctly and on time. Ensuring Health & Safety guidelines and company policies and procedures are adhered to. The Lead Hand works with the Construction Manager / Project Manager to assist workers with issues and concerns and may be required to mentor apprentices within their trade including (but not limited to):

Advanced knowledge of construction practices and site operations.

Work alongside all staff to adhere to health and safety regulations.

Ensuring all equipment/vehicle is properly utilized, maintained and inspected

Oversee and manage onsite contracted and internal crew to insure proper installation of products and to mentor and teach crew where and when required.

Inspect work to ensure that they are constructed in accordance with the engineering designs, contract specifications and authority requirements.

Monitor the progress of construction works and advise Construction Manager of compliance, or otherwise, against project requirements.

bring forth design issues to the attention of the Construction Manager that may occur on-site, seeking guidance from the relevant Construction Manager when necessary.

Follow direction and implement Construction Manager’s daily plan to the site workers.

Provide regular project updates to the Construction Manager in relation to progress and construction issues that may impact on project compliance or cause delays.

Monitor the effectiveness in the delivery of the project, and where required, issue work instructions to employees / contractors /sub trades during construction as required.

Understanding of any special conditions that exist on site.

Work with Construction manager to manage the processes of the Defects Liability Period and the issue of Statement of Compliance as appropriate.

Regularly assess and record construction installation staff’s performance and project competencies.

Ensure Employers professional standards are maintained and company objectives in relation to budget targets, service quality, company reputation, OH&S and environmental standards are met and take responsibility for compliance with external and internal standards.

Maintain appropriate professional relationships and networks within the industry to ensure Employer retains a high level of respect and regard.

Perform all work in a manner that is safe and without risk to themselves or other team members and abides by the Employer’ rules, regulations, policies and practices, including those concerning work schedule, vacations and sick leave as they may from time to time be adopted or modified.

Maintain appropriate professional documentation and overall condition of all company vehicles and insure they are operated in a safe manner and exercise zero tolerances for operating under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Overall support of project management staff

must know how to seam artificial turf together with bead direction, across bead direction and on 45-degree angles.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $22.00 to $27.00 /hour


  • in grading: 2 years (Preferred)
  • driving: 2 years (Preferred)
  • installation: 2 years (Required)


  • Spanish (Preferred)
  • English (Preferred)
  • French (Preferred)