Assistant Herdsman
Wetaskiwin, AB
Is somebody that has to be able to work in all three above mentioned job descriptions. It’s a skilled worker that has experience in milking, feeding and calf care. This worker knows the routine of a dairy farm and has proven credentials and experience. Besides the skills already mentioned before they should also be able to perform the following duties:

Required skills

Monitor health and well being of the dairy herd; recognize and treat health problems
ensure water is available and the cows are fed the correct amount and type of feed
milk cows
assist in births
assist in implementation of a vaccine program and herd health
assist in the manipulation of rations to match nutrition requirements of livestock
knowledge of dairy cattle record keeping procedures (DHI, CQM, registration, etc)
knowledge and rudimentary service of milking equipment
interact with external farm service personnel
maintain equipment and do basic repairs
keep paper and electronic records
transport feed and supplies
operate and maintain farm equipment
Agriculture education is preferred