Become A PotRentals Host – Weed And Fun Friendly Short-Term Platform
PotRentals Inc.
Montréal, QC

POTRENTALS.COM is all about LEGAL WEED, FUN, a SIMPLER HOSTING experience and helping you MAKE MORE MONEY. We need hosts in all the most-visited cities in Canada and Montreal is one of them (this is where we come from by the way!)

  • Are you already using Airbnb or other short-term rental platforms and looking for ways to significantly increase your revenues?
  • Are you looking for a way to become a weed entrepreneur and take advantage of the growing cannabis tourism industry?
  • Do you have skills, passion or expertise for anything related to cannabis, fun or nightlife that you would like to share and monetize?
  • Are you looking for a hassle-free solution to quickly start listing your home and experiences on a short-term rental platform?

If one of these questions resonates with you, and if you are legal age, then POTRENTALS.COM is your solution.


What is Potrentals?

Founded in 2019, PotRentals simply provides the largest collection of weed and fun friendly rentals and experiences in North America where guests can safely enjoy cannabis and have fun while doing it, without all the restrictions from the other short-term rental platforms.


How can I use PotRentals to boost my revenues?

You can either list your space or your experience exclusively on PotRentals or simultaneously on other short-term platforms to increase your occupancy and your average nightly rate. Either way will allow you to take advantage of the booming cannabis tourism industry and to generate a significant income. It’s totally free and easy to create a listing on PotRentals, so there is no risk for you, just upside.


How much a host can make in a month with PotRentals?

Our hosts make on average approximately CA$ 3,200 per month, but some of them generate even more than that, especially when they offer experiences in addition to hosting their space. This figure is however purely illustrative - how much you will make will greatly depend on factors such as: your pricing, if you host both experiences and your property, the type of property you have, its location, your occupancy rate, the strength of the demand, etc.


How PotRentals is different?

  • WE SIMPLIFY HOSTING: PotRentals is a hassle-free solution for hosts, which means you can start hosting more easily and faster than on other short-term rental platforms. In fact, we made sure our process for approvals is fast enough, so you can start listing your space or your experience within the same day of submitting it for approval.
  • WE ARE ALL ABOUT CANNABIS AND FUN: Cannabis-related tourismis rising as the marijuanaindustry continues to grow and many countries and states are legalizing its recreational use. Like no other short-term rental platform, PotRentals allows you to host cannabis & fun friendly rentals & experiences and take advantage of this booming industry. Don’t miss out this once in a lifetime opportunity!
  • WE HELP YOU MAKE MORE MONEY: Millions of tourists of legal age are coming every year to the various locations where recreational cannabis has been legalized. To make the most of their trip, these tourists also tend to book weed and fun friendly accommodation andactivities, which increases the demand for what we offer. It is not a coincidence that hosts on PotRentals make on average 30% more money on their nightly rate than what they can get from other short-term rental platforms. They can also offer unique weed & fun friendly experiences that guests cannot find anywhere else.


What we are looking for in our hosts?

  • Great hosting skills
  • Desire to significantly boost your short-term rental income
  • Desire to share something, either an extra room, your entire home or your hobbies, skills, or expertise through our experiences
  • Make your space weed or fun friendly: you must allow guests to consume cannabis somewhere on your property, either inside or outside on a balcony or a yard, and you must ensure your house rules are not too restrictive, so your guests can have “reasonable, but respectful” fun while staying at your place

Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Weed & Fun Entrepreneur? Join Us Now And Start Living Your Dreams! Visit POTRENTALS.COM.


Please note that you must be of legal age in your province or state of residence to use the services of PotRentals or to access its website. To avoid ambiguities, PotRentals do not sell or promote directly legal cannabis related products and we do not encourage you to use it. We only offer a platform from which you can find or list legal weed & fun friendly accommodations and experiences.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Casual, Freelance

Salary: $3,200.00 to $10,500.00 /month