Quality Assurance Testing Lead
S M Software Solutions Inc.
Fredericton, NB

Organization: Service New Brunswick

Anticipated Assignment Start Date: November 05, 2018

Anticipated Assignment End Date: July 31, 2019

No. of months: 9 months (178 Working Days)

Work Location: Brookside Place, Fredericton, NB


E-ticketing is a province-wide solution to automate the capability for all law enforcement agencies across the province to support the electronic issuance and submission of motor vehicle tickets and warnings issued under the Provincial Offences Procedures Act (POPA).

Phase 1 of e-Ticketing is currently underway and is limited to RCMP issuance of POPA e-tickets. Subsequent phases of POPA e-ticketing will include expanding e-ticketing ability for other POPA issuing agencies such as municipal police forces, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement (CVE), Off Road Vehicle Enforcement (ORVE), Conservation Enforcement and Liquor and Tobacco Enforcement.

Phase 1 of the Project involves the creation of a centralized database (AMANDA) to house/capture the e-ticketing POPA information. AMANDA will then disseminate required information for various agencies/departments/stakeholders involved in POPA tickets. This dissemination of information will not electronically link to other internal databases that these agency/departments/stakeholders use in capturing POPA data required to manage the functions and roles they manage and participate in during the lifecycle of a POPA Ticket. Electronic linkages from AMANDA to the agency/department internal database will be assessed after Phase 1 is implemented if the agency/department wants seamless linkages between the database systems. AMANDA will, however, for Phase 1, be developed in a manner where the required POPA data is disseminated to the agency/department in a PDF report format.


Service New Brunswick and the Department of Justice and Public Safety (JPS) are seeking a single Information Technology Resource capable of performing critical functional and system testing activities in concert with key JPS and SNB IT Resources in support of the overall e-Ticketing Project.

Resources are required to ensure delivery of the deliverables.

The resource will:

  • Lead and participate in the development of a test plan,
  • Lead and participate in the development of test cases,
  • Lead and participate in the development of unit testing,
  • Coordinate User Acceptance Testing (UAT) among the various project stakeholders,
  • Coordinate Integration Testing between the various stakeholders and technical components within the E-Ticketing Solution,
  • Interact with members of the Configuration /Construction teams on technology-related issues,
  • Report progress of work to the E-Ticketing Technical Project Manager,
  • Ensure delivery of the deliverables defined in Deliverables.


The successful resource must deliver the following in order to successfully complete the engagement:

  • e-Ticketing Phase 1 Testing Requirements: Working with SNB resources and business subject matter experts within GNB, the resource will coordinate and lead overall testing for the e-Ticketing project. Under the direction of the SNB Senior BSA, the resource will be responsible to develop an overall project Test Plan based on existing stakeholder’s workflows and requirements (functional and non-functional), including Key Performance Indicators reporting and security in accordance to SNB’s
  • e-Ticketing Phase 1 QA Test Case Development: Working with SNB resources ,the resource will lead and participate in the development of both automated and manual test cases along with test XML files to simulate expected Ticket data. Test cases are to be developed for functional testing, system integration testing and solution performance testing, and cover the entire breadth of the POPA Ticket lifecycle and states for all five solution deliverable
  • e-Ticketing Phase 1 UAT Test Case Development: Working with key SNB Resources and GNB SMEs, the resource will lead and participate in the development and implementation of a User Acceptance Test plan and test cases, and be responsible for User Acceptance Testing through all five solution deliverable
  • e-Ticketing Phase 1 Participation and Reporting: The resource must actively participate in solution design, product demonstrations and reviews, project status and team meetings. The resource must also provide weekly project progress reports to the Project Manager as required and provide timesheets with daily work breakdown to the Project Manager and SNB Manager of Application Services (JPS/ELG/OAG).
  • e-Ticketing Phase I Knowledge Transfer: The resource must actively ensure knowledge of developed solution is transferred to the SNB QA Team by way of documented materials and verbal
  • e-Ticketing Phase 1 Post-Production: Working with key SNB resources, the resource will work closely with the project solution delivery team to support the stabilization of the e-Ticketing system for a defined period of time.

Job Type: Contract

Salary: $40.00 to $50.00 /hour